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Amazing photos are key to a spectacular performing website

Photos on your website should capture the essence of your business and make a great first impression to your potential customers. We’ve said it before; your website is an investment in your business. As part of that investment, hire a professional who can take beautiful high-resolution photos your web designer can crop and photoshop as needed.

The Evolution of the Hashtag

“Why is there a pound sign in front of that word?” – every grandparent ever. The hashtag. The ability to tag a relevant word or phrase on social networking sites to categorize and identify messages related to certain topics. A tool that originated on Twitter has now...

Opt-In Practices and How to Avoid Blacklists

First, what does email “opt-in” really mean? When it comes to email marketing, “opt-in” has a blurry, subjective definition. There’s “unconfirmed opt-in,” which means users have given you their email address for a purpose other than receiving email, maybe during a...