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How Do I Get My Business on Yelp? A Super Easy Guide

It’s no secret that I love Yelp not just as a marketer, but also as an avid gluten-free donut connoisseur. It’s a one-stop machine for finding where businesses are, getting directions, and bragging to your friends about what you just ate. Oh, and did I mention reading...

Are You Taking Advantage of Mobile PPC Trends?

You’re relaxing at home on a lazy Sunday afternoon watching TV. As you’re mindlessly scrolling through your social media feeds, you get a text message from your friend that says “What time are you coming over for the big game today? I got the drinks, you’re bringing...

SEO Hacks: How to Design an SEO Friendly Navigation Menu

When you arrive on a website for the first time, you become a pirate on a treasure island – lost and in need of direction. The website’s main navigation menu is your compass for finding what you’re looking for. However, if the compass is broken...