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Our Purpose: Inspire Change

Intuitive Digital seeks to inspire change by setting the standard for digital marketing agencies through putting our people first, partnering with organizations that seek to make a positive impact in the world, and creating marketing campaigns that cause no harm.


In the US marketing has an outsized influence on our culture. You see advertising almost constantly, on billboards as you drive to work, on your phone while scrolling through your social media feeds, and at the gas station when you’re filling up. They’re inescapable. And, more often than not they’re perpetuating damaging stereotypes, or peddling products that can do more harm than good. On top of that, the agencies that created those ads probably worked their team to the bone to get them complete.

We don’t think that’s how things have to be.

We know that we can create thoughtful, inclusive marketing campaigns for products and services that attempt to be part of the solution. We can do all that while ensuring our team lives a healthy work-life balance and spending our energies supporting each other and our partners.

Curious how well we’re able to live up to our lofty ambitions? Check out our 2022 Impact Report. See how much progress we’ve made in a year with our 2023 Impact Report.

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Everything Is Connected

We believe in acknowledging each individual as a whole human being, living on a shared planet. We try to foster a workplace of support, joy, authenticity, and creativity for partners and employees alike. In the end, these become happy individuals, respectfully collaborating to create award-winning work that benefits our communities.

B Corp Certified Marketing Agency

Once you’ve seen the inter-connective web of life, you can’t go back. It’s one of the reasons we became B Corp Certified in 2020 (and why we became an official Benefit Company). The B Corp framework enabled us to expand on our values-driven culture. Helping us evolve into a company that also takes into account the effect we have on the planet and works to create more justice and equity for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals in the tech and marketing world. Staying true to our own value of continuous improvement, we completed our first B Corp recertification at the end of 2023 with a 21 point increase in our B Impact score.

Values-Driven Digital Marketing Company

Intuitive Digital was founded with four core values that we still use on a daily basis. We live our purpose and values every day, from how we run our company to the work we do for our partners.

Being values-driven isn’t lip service for us. They guide our decision-making process from determining if a partner is a good fit, to refunding money when we have made mistakes and even smaller, seemingly insignificant decisions.

We deliver the absolute highest level of service to our partners and stand by our work. If you’re not happy, we will work with you until the problem is solved.

Our Core Values

Build Long-Term Relationships

Building relationships, making connections, and finding ways to support each other is more important than ever. It’s not just that we provide you with a service – it is a two-way street, a partnership of equals – that brings us both the most success and the most joy.

Continuous Improvement

We believe in ongoing professional and personal growth. We are not afraid of change, and see each new obstacle as an opportunity for creativity and innovation. We’re always looking for ways to grow our skill set and improve campaign performance.

Do What’s Right

Intuitive Digital is transparent and honest, and we take responsibility for our mistakes. We fight for the best solutions on behalf of partners. We’re certainly not perfect, but we own our choices and always try to find solutions with integrity.

Create Fun

You may have noticed… we like to have fun… and we want you to have fun too. That doesn’t mean we don’t take our work seriously. We love a good meme, witty comeback, or prank. It helps break up all the data mining and keeps us engaged.


Company History

Intuitive Digital was born in 2012 as In2itive Search by our “Cultivator of Happiness”, Nick Footer. Nick, an internet geek and digital marketing expert, was tired of working for other agencies whose values didn’t align with his. His first office was out of his home and within the year he had an office and his first three employees.

In 2016, the company rebranded as Intuitive Digital to showcase the growth in services and evolution of the company (and to be honest, it was a pain to spell In2itive all the time).

We’ve moved our clubhouse a couple of times but are currently a fully-remote agency, with about half our team based in Portland, Oregon and the rest of our team dispersed throughout the US.

We believe the way we do business matters, on every level, and in every interaction; we bring that same passion and commitment to our work with each of our partners. We’re also a small business, working to change the status quo in our industry and supporting our community the best we can. If you need digital marketing support we got you.

When Your Hard Work Pays Off

Industry-leading badasses making their parents proud since at least 2012.

Oregon Business 100 Best Companies to Work for 2024 award
Greenest places to work in Oregon Award
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Intuitive_Awards_Winner US Search Award 2021
Intuitive_Awards_Expertise Best Digital Marketing Agencies 2021
Intuitive_Awards_Top Rated Seo Agency 2021
Intuitive_Awards_2021 AMA PDX Best Seo and PPC
Intuitive_Awards_Clutch Top B2B 2020
Intuitive_Awards_Finalist US Search Award 2020
Intuitive_Awards_2020 AMA PDX Best Seo and PPC
Intuitive_Awards_Oregon Business 100 Best to work in 2020
Intuitive_Awards_Top Rated Seo Agency 2020
Intuitive_Awards_PBJ Fastest Growing Private Company 2020
Intuitive_Awards_Metlife Dream Big Finalist
Intuitive_Awards_Expertise Best SEO Agencies 2019
Intuitive_Awards_Ethics in Business 2019
Intuitive_Awards_Clutch Top B2B 2019
Intuitive_Awards_Search Engine Land 2019
Intuitive_Awards_Top web designers in portland 2019
Intuitive_Awards_Clutch Top Web Designers 2018
Intuitive_Awards_Clutch Top SEO 2018_1
Intuitive_Awards_Clutch Top PPC Management 2018
Intuitive_Awards_UpCity Top Digital Marketing 2018
Intuitive_Awards_Expertise Best Digital Marketing Agencies 2018
Intuitive_Awards_BBB Award Logo
Intuitive_Awards_Portland Business Journal
Intuitive_Awards_BBB Torch Awards for Ethcs
Intuitive Awards Expertise Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Portland
Intuitive_Awards_Winner US Search Award 2017
Intuitive_Awards_Zippa Award

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