Passion. Fun. Happiness.

Passion. Fun. Happiness.

Digital Marketing Careers at Intuitive Digital

We Make Work Fun

Intuitive Digital is a top digital marketing agency that politely leaves their employees to their own devices ←- (yep, we did that). Located in Portland, Oregon —  the land of doughnuts and coffee, mountains, and plentiful good beard fashion — we cultivate happiness and the occasional indoor house plants as we daily save businesses from online obscurity.

We are looking for a few digital wizards who share our exuberance for being mildly weird and creating great work for our partners on the daily.

three digital marketers with laptops having a meeting

We Stack the Benefits

Using your search engine marketing skills Monday through Friday can take a toll on your open schedule to complete online quizzes. The compensation for this loss is that you will be working with the dazzling minds of our digital marketing team. We are super nerdy about it. We support each other. We keep the drama to a minimum. Not everyone gets us but we know how to work together. We learn things and really don’t mind all that much.

Our Benefit Offerings: 

  • Skillful Sarcasm
  • Appreciation of Your Hula Hoop Skills
  • Star Wars Memes
  • Comprehensive Healthcare Insurance
  • Paid Time Off
  • Retirement with Company Match
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Work from Home Fridays!!! (Pajamas optional)
  • Supportive and Slightly Fanatical Management 
  • Professional Development Moolah
  • Volunteer/Philanthropic Paid Time Off
  • Professional Chair Massages (yup!)
  • Paid Holidays
  • Parking or Public Transit Allowance
Intuitive digital team having fun at happy hour

Carpe the Happy Hour 

We work hard and we play hard as a team. Using all that brainpower and research skills on the daily means we break for fun and games. We celebrate being able to multitask together. Happy hours, hands-on volunteering, group outings, chair massages, and the occasional Nerf gun war.


Our brains like to make awesome digital things and problem solve our partners’ business woes. We get our hands dirty with cool new technologies that help us work smarter – like great listening and cross-team communication. We bounce ideas (and ping-pong balls) off of other smart people who also like to listen. We like to design websites and content so stellar our clients can’t stop looking at it. Lots of research is part of the process. As is the occasional creativity jolting nap.

To Sum Us Up in Bullet Points

  • Create Fun is the practice of making space for play, showcasing a culture of fun, and understanding that work is a joyful privilege.
  • Do What’s Right is the practice of being honest, taking responsibility for mistakes, and always fighting for the best solution on behalf of partners.
  • Continuous Improvement is the practice of bringing a spirit of learning into every single day, improving a process every time it is touched, making every account a success that can be shared, and admitting that there is a more effective way to do everything.
  • Build Long-Term Relationships is the practice of seeking first to understand before being understood, communicating effectively, providing excellent service, and always going the distance for a team member or partner.

Want to join a top digital marketing agency team in Portland, Oregon?

I can’t imagine working with a more incredible group of individuals or for a more committed and sincere CEO. Intuitive is a place where I continue to grow as a professional and as a human.

Kelly K