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Hiring an agency can feel tricky. Here are answers to your most burning questions.

Operations and Billing

For our digital marketing services we determine your monthly engagement with us based on an initial strategy phase to scope ongoing work based on your goals. We base your monthly retainer on our standard hourly rate, and you can cancel anytime with a 30-day notice.

For websites, we typically bill 50% deposit, 40% upon completion of the design phase and 10% prior to launch. For websites with extensive functionality and larger scope of services, we sometimes bill monthly depending on the schedule.

Fees for our management work are billed and due by the 10th of the month. But times are crazy and we understand that. If you ever need an extension or something on your bill, bring it up with your account manager and they’ll work with your and our operations team to find a solution that works best for everyone.

Generally, for digital marketing services, they are for 12 months, and then just continue on monthly from there. But that isn’t written in stone, and we can make adjustments to meet your needs. Website design and development contracts are project-based, usually with no attached timeframe.

You give us a 30-day written (emailed) notice. We wrap up as much in-process work as we can and then we’ll compile everything in a nice Google Drive folder for you to take with you. All the research, content, account builds, everything goes back to your administration. We’ll wish you good luck and you know where to find us if you change your mind down the road.

From the strategy we develop, based on your goals and your marketing budget, we’ll determine how many hours a month we think is best to do meaningful work every month. Team members track their time while working on your account to ensure you get what you paid for. We can’t help ourselves, we only know how to do our best!

Feel free to browse through our case studies (proof of our awesomeness) and if you’d like to hear directly from current partners, we can make that happen.

That depends, what industry are you in? This can be a mixed bag, you want to know that we have experience and know your field, but you want to make sure we don’t just rinse and repeat the same tactics for a dozen other companies. This helps us avoid working with your direct competitors.

We will work with multiple brands in the same industry, as long as they don’t have largely overlapping services or local areas. This ensures the work we’re doing for you, and another company isn’t directly competing with each other.

Deliverables and Results

A dedicated team of experts who will work their absolute hardest to help you reach your business goals, reduce your marketing headaches, and create some fun along the way. Specifics of the work depends (again) on your goals and the individualized strategy we create for you.

Generally, at the end of our Execute phase where we build and then launch your Paid Media campaigns – about 30 days after you’ve approved our presented Strategy. However, that timeline relies on you providing timely feedback on ad designs, content, and more to make sure we can stay on track.

This depends on so many factors! What’s your starting point? What are your goals? How competitive is your industry? How much are you investing in digital marketing work, both your time and money? In general, here’s what the first 90 days with Intuitive Digital looks like, and what kind of results you might see during that time.

You’re going to love this unique answer…it depends! Are you doing Paid Media or SEO, or both? How much work (hours) are we putting in on a monthly basis? If we’re only doing the bare minimum, it’s going to take longer.

Determining a direct ROI can be really challenging for this work if you do not have good internal lead and sales tracking. We are a part of the equation, but you’ll need to close that loop on your end for us to calculate a true ROI. We can help you set up some better internal processes for tracking this so that we can accurately calculate an ROI to ensure the work we’re doing is creating the desired results.

Websites and Content

Usually between 3-9 months. The reasons that websites extend beyond 3 months are:

  • Scope of work: you have a large site that has custom features
  • Content: we are waiting on copy or images
  • Approvals: you haven’t given us your A-OK for work to move forward.

Typically, we build sites using WordPress or Shopify. Depending on your budget we may use a ready-made theme from a solid theme developer and customize it for you. But if your budget allows, you will want our custom theme that offers faster page load speed (which Google and your customers will love) and a more tailor made experience for your brand.

I don’t need to tell you that your website is probably your single, most important marketing channel so an investment here should not only increase your bottom line, but increase the ROI of ALL your other marketing activities.

I know, you just redid your website… but we have found a few issues. Sometimes the design is a problem, it looks dated. Or it doesn’t meet the needs of your customers, the navigation doesn’t flow or the copy isn’t great. Or, it was coded/built poorly. A lot of times it is the combination of all three that ultimately become an insurmountable problem for your existing site.

Ugh, another “that depends” question. What is your budget? We’ll be looking not just at design and functionality but also all the creative assets and copy. That adds up fast.

You can plan on $15K to start, for a 10-15 page brochure website and then add copy, photos, additional pages, and custom features from there. Sound expensive? Maybe, but you’re getting more brand-specific strategy, planning, design, and customization for your money than someone charging $2K or even $5K.

Your website should generate SALES, what is that worth? Read more about our web design and development process.

Sure! Because we use WordPress, content management is easy-breezy for folks who are in front of a computer on a daily basis. However, most of our partners have us do it because they don’t want to bother with it.

Absolutely. We run updates on WordPress, plugins, and themes. We monitor downtime, fix broken sites, and more. Read more about our maintenance service.

If it isn’t a WordPress site then probably not. We aren’t experts in every platform, so you wouldn’t be getting the best bang for your buck. However, if your site IS WordPress, then sure but we’ll want to take a look under the hood first. Talk to us about our site audits.

Yup! We offer no-hassle website hosting that is super-fast and has free SSL and daily backups. But you have to be on our maintenance plan to make sure that all of our sites are as safe as possible.

Content writing is a service we offer! Writing SEO optimized content ensures that those pages or blog posts have potential to rank for keywords and come up for relevant searches for your business. But if you want to write the content (and you have the time to do it) then that works too.

Psychic abilities. Kidding, content creation is a collaborative process. First we’ll interview you about the style of your brand voice and tone. We’ll read existing content you’ve written, ask you to provide some details about your product, service or industry (sometimes this is a bulleted list) and a copywriter will interview you to clarify any specifics. You’ll review content and provide feedback so we can make sure you love it before it goes on your website.

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