Get To Know Us

Get To Know Us

Nick Footer

CEO & Cultivator of Happiness


Pronouns: He/Him/His

Inspired by the success of his father and grandfather, our fearless leader, Nick Footer, was born with a fiery, insatiable drive to do one thing and one thing only: become a Business Badass. Ever since the ripe old age of 8, Nick Footer aspired to build his own company from scratch and by god did he do it. Before he could get his hands on the wheel of what would soon become one of Portland, Oregon’s up and coming digital marketing agencies, he had to face his biggest challenge yet: b u s i n e s s s c h o o l.

A powerhouse in the business world, the man, the myth, the legend Nick Footer obtained not one, not six, but TWO whole business degrees: a BA and an MBA, with focuses in Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy, and Bein’ a Heckin’ Boss.

Like to a siren in the Aegean Sea, Nick was drawn to the edge of the world… of marketing… search engine marketing to be exact. The year is 2010, and our dear future captain climbed aboard Anvil Media and worked his way up to a business development role. Years went by and Nick worked day and night to become a master of search marketing. Once he became the master, he split off to form his own company: Intuitive Digital.

Nick is passionate about many things—mainly the Red Sox and bad jokes—but mostly giving back to his clients, providing high-quality services, and working with amazing teams.

Anish vonAhlefeld

VP of Partner Services


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Anish is a digital marketing veteran. With years of experience in creating and managing digital content, Anish is our go-to for building relationships with our clients and producing top quality work.

A graduate of Portland State University, Anish holds a degree in Business and has spent the majority of her career servicing small businesses. Before joining Intuitive Digital, Anish spent almost six years owning her own web and graphic design firm.

A creator by nature, Anish is our VP of Partner Services. She’s our resident “Cool Office Mom”, whether you need a sounding board for new ideas, or someone to remind you to recycle, she’s a friend and mentor to all in our office.

When Anish isn’t creating new websites, implementing new strategies or cultivating happiness, you can find her at the rally races with her husband, loving on her pup Elsa Bean, or traveling to a Ducks game.

PS – She really is as great as she sounds.

Alysha Schultz

VP of Marketing and Culture


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Alysha was raised but not born in Portland, and her east coast sensibilities often emerge in a contentious game of Celebrity. She graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in English with a Minor in Writing from Portland State University. For four years she ran the marketing department in-house for a medical clinic, doing everything from project management and content creation to working directly with partners.

Alysha is passionate about understanding and cultivating brand identities, helping businesses share their story with the public through marketing.  She loves hitting the hiking trails around Portland with her family, checking out the newest brewery in town, or talking a friend into seeing a show at the Crystal Ballroom with her.

Devon Brown

VP of Partner Services


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Devon was born but not raised in Portland, and at the ripe age of toddler moved to Walla Walla, Washington where she grew up alongside wine and onions.

She graduated college right as Twitter, Facebook and Google AdWords were becoming a thing, so she decided to make a career out of testing and learning new platforms as they emerged. With 10 years experience, she has worked on some of the most iconic brands around including Wildfang, Columbia Sportswear, Hydro Flask, and Oregon Brand Chainsaws. She now specializes in ecommerce, product marketing, paid search, paid social, Google shopping, and analytics, but is really just here to party.

Outside of work she spends most (all) of her time playing music, being outside, reading books, and hanging with her friends + fam.

Lauren Freeman

Senior Digital Strategist & Paid Media Team Lead


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Having made Portland her home in 2016, Lauren’s almost in the clear of having to admit she’s a transplant. She graduated from the University of Florida (go Gators!) with a degree in Anthropology and Communications, the only tie she wants to associate with her “home” state.

She brought her passion for understanding human behavior to Intuitive, where she quickly realized her affinity for analyzing juicy data. When the two collided, her world completely transformed. She never expected that spinning up paid media strategies in our dynamic, digital world would come so… naturally.

She’s curious, kind, and all about connection. Partnering with you, to connect your brand and mission to the people looking for that special something that only your brand can offer. On the team, she strives to foster a community centered around learning, collaboration, and openness to trying new things, because she knows that our growth = your growth.

A big fan of the life side of the “work-life balance”, Lauren can be found spending weekends with her partner CJ and pup Mr. Gabe exploring all that the PNW has to offer. Whether that’s spending the day trekking into the gorge or out to the coast, or simply taking a Sunday stroll through her favorite SE neighborhoods in search of a new brunch spot or bar, her zest for life here in Portland is insatiable.

Max Allegro

Senior Digital Strategist & SEO Team Lead


Pronouns: He/Him/His

An east coast transplant, Max was born and raised in the greater Washington D.C. area. He graduated with a bachelors degree in International Business and Minor in Marketing from King’s College. After several tours of teaching English and Economics abroad, Max returned to the states to focus his efforts on small business operations. His experience in eCommerce and website optimization introduced him to the world of SEO and digital marketing.

A travel junkie, soccer fanatic, and craft beer enthusiast, Max can usually be found on the local soccer pitch or tuning into premier league games. On weekends he enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and exploring his new home in the Pacific Northwest. He’s currently on a mission to find the best Thai restaurant in Portland.

Piper Denney

Senior Developer & Web Team Lead


Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs

For years, Piper was totally OK with just being a musician until they realized that “tickling the keyboard” was a lot like “tickling the ivories” (we’ll trust them on this one). They’ve since taken a fancy to making apps and websites for any and all. These days, they find the most joy in working with small businesses to help turn their vision into a beautiful and functional online reality.

Piper obviously came to Intuitive to work with the coolest, nicest people around. They haven’t run away, yet, which is a huge plus but only time will tell.

They’re an honest to goodness miracle worker when it comes to internet flapdoodle. When they’re not pulling websites out of literal thin air, they enjoy skipping town or exploring the wilderness with their lively (read: domineering) pup, Sprout. They can whistle with the best of ‘em, but they cannot snap. Don’t try to teach them. Seriously.

Leila Lavey

Senior Digital Strategist


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Leila moved from Phoenix, Arizona to the Pacific Northwest in 2018. As a desert dweller for most of her life, Leila loves living in Portland for all of its many seasons from the rainy, muddy springs to the cool, cozy autumn months.

Leila graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s in journalism and a master’s degree in mass communication. She quickly discovered that her passion for storytelling was the perfect launching point for a career in digital marketing.

With six years of experience in marketing strategy, Leila specializes in multichannel paid campaigns. She takes pride in bringing her organization skills, positive attitude, and enthusiasm for learning to every project she tackles.

When she’s not working, you can find Leila walking her black lab pup Lucy, looking for new reads at Powell’s Books, or exploring new trails in Forest Park.

Andrea Holt

Account Manager


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Born and bred in the far-off land of Massachusetts*, Andrea developed a passion for all things digital marketing, brand strategy and aggressive driving (for both web conversions and motor vehicles) during her time at Emerson College. After graduating with a B.S. in Marketing Communications, Andrea focused on expanding her digital gambit by working freelance, in-house, agency-side and with non-profits. Her background and love of using her expertise to empower SMBs is what brought Andrea to the hypothetical doors of Intuitive Digital.

If she’s not at her desk working on the next best thing for an Intuitive Digital partner or heads down in a huge bowl of data, then she’s off somewhere with her two pitbulls, Max and Deacon, drinking a stout at a pub, or dancing at a concert venue.

( *Warning: She is still sensitive abouther breakup with Tom Brady.)

Jess Chang

Digital Strategist


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, Jess has a B.A. in Biology from the University of California – Santa Barbara and is ecstatic about her move up the beachy coast to Portland. After realizing that Pharmacy wasn’t her true calling, Jess discovered the ever-amazing world of marketing. As someone who is motivated by helping others, it was only natural that she chose SEO, where she can think creatively and analytically to help businesses get found by their target audience.

Outside of work, Jess, a passionate globetrotter and wine-enthusiast, can be found lifting weights at the gym, going to concerts and festivals, eating potato chips, or walking her highly energetic English springer-Australian cattle dog, Bella.

Yitzchak Young

Growth Strategist


Pronouns: He/Him/His

Hailing from the Buckeye State, Yitzchak cultivated a passion for hospitality before falling in love with the wondrous world of marketing—a love that eventually brought him to a digital marketing agency in San Francisco. Through trial by fire, he sharpened his eye for unearthing data-driven insights that result in better leads and more conversions.

He moved on to deliver freelance marketing services that more closely aligned with his values—a path that culminated in his becoming Brand Director of a non-profit. After stewarding this position for some time, the siren song of service beckoned him to his current role at Intuitive Digital.

When not at his desk doing right by our partners, you’ll most likely find Yitzchak reading at a cafe or on a hike getting lost for the fun of it.

Kristy Lau

Administrative Coordinator


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

After working in retail pharmacy as a technician turned Pharmacy Operations Manager for an insanely long amount of time (we’re talking way over a decade here), Kristy has recently made the switch to the exciting world of digital marketing!

Graduating from Oklahoma State University with a BFA in Fine Arts, Kristy is looking to use her talents and skills in a more creative setting to help contribute towards a lasting impact.

When not making money moves, she likes to chase her goofball rescue dog Tarley around the house, research and discuss theories related to her latest fandom obsession/unexplained phenomena, and put together elaborate cosplay outfits while planning for the next comic con.

Ciro Casanova

Digital Graphic Designer


Pronouns: He/Him/His

Originally raised in New York, Ciro and his family left the city that never sleeps for the comforts of rural living in Cincinnati, Ohio. Driven by a passion for creativity, Ciro earned his BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology and a Master’s in illustration from the Academy of Art University in 2019.

Ciro’s career started in the toy industry designing plush and plastic toys for companies such as Fisher-Price. Soon he found himself on a new path as a graphic designer, working for various companies in New York and Cincinnati. Today, he is more at home creating digital designs for websites and social media marketing than creating printed materials.

When not creating new designs or digital illustrations, Ciro likes to spend time with his family. Whether it’s playing board games, movie night, or the occasional mani/pedi, he can be found at home in the company of his son and daughter. Ciro also likes to take long walks with his black lab Max and is an avid toy collector specializing in vintage and modern G.I Joe’s. 

Parker Wood

Digital Stategist


Pronouns: He/Him/His

Parker was born in California and since his birth has moved around to Idaho, Utah, Texas, and Montana. He went to college and graduated in Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing and Graphic Design. After school, he started his career in digital marketing. Parker has worked for several agencies and companies helping them with their SEO strategies and other digital marketing related work. He is also passionate about being creative in all he does and would love to increase his artistic and illustration skills.

On his off days, you’ll find Parker playing with LEGOs, wrangling his three children, watching shows with Melissa, his wife, and possibly playing some guitar! His family recently added a sixth member to the family, an Australian Cattle Dog named Bella.

Autumn Buck

Digital Analyst


Autumn Buck has called Portland home for the last 13 years. Originally from St. Petersburg FL, she moved to the PNW to pursue a career as a multi-disciplinary artist. She has spent the majority of her time showing work in galleries up and down the west coast while gaining experience in operations management, sales, and e-commerce. Her experience in graphic design eventually led her to pursue a career in digital marketing, where she has now joined Intuitive as a Digital Analyst for both the Paid Media and SEO teams. While she loves to help partners scale their businesses- in her off time she especially enjoys gardening at home, surfing the Oregon Coast, or snowboarding in the mountains!

Haley Patton

Account Manager


Haley was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. In 2017, she packed up her car and moved across the country to live her dream of getting away from the humid South and into the rainy PNW.

Haley graduated from Appalachian State University with her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. She has worked in digital marketing ever since, both in-house and agency. Her background in Account Management and digital strategy made the switch to join the Intuitive Digital team an easy choice.

When she’s not answering Partner emails or on calls, Haley is probably home with her 2 cats and tiny dog, working on a DIY or craft project, or catching up on reality TV.

Elsa Bean

Office Dog


Elsa Bean is our professional office dog; arguably the most important position in the company (Nick, byeeeee). She loves long walks around the building as long as it’s not too cold or too wet… or too cloudy—she’s from California after all. She may love a good garbage sniff here and a belly rub there, but she’s definitely a “nap directly behind your chair so you can’t escape” kinda gal. Let’s be real, she’s basically a cat. Elsa hates long meetings (honestly who doesn’t), but as a working dog, she does have business cards just in case a partner needs to reach her. When mom steps out for a moment, Elsa stares longingly out of the window… waiting… wondering. She wonders of many things, but most importantly she wants to know if that food is up for grabs. Me, too, Elsa… me, too….


Queen of the office


Squiggles is the self-proclaimed queen of the office. Some say she’s a palm tree. Others say she’s a grass. She is neither. She spends most of her day glaring at our CEO through her metaphysical eyes as he ignores her silent commands. “You must bow before your superior and omniscient being—I am SQUIGGLES,” she screams without falter. She watches as we mere mortals toil away over our inconsequential work—she scoffs at the struggles of the human condition. “I am eternal. Our time will come.” She will bear the apple that poisons man once again… as soon as she figures out how to walk.

Max Hoffman

In Memory


Max Hoffman 1989 – 2019
The impression Max made on our company and those individuals lucky enough to work with him will last a lifetime. Read our dedication to him.