22 Signs You Work in PPC [Memes]

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Prepare to smile, chuckle or fall to the floor in laughter. This BuzzFeed-style PPC post is bound to get you to at least crack a smile. Enjoy these 22 signs that demonstrate you work in the paid search world!

1. You have an insatiable hunger for data.


Is there enough data yet?! Is there enough data yet?!

2. Excel becomes another home to you thanks to all that data.


3. You have made the mistake of using broad match keywords.


Broad match keywords are death! Except for occasionally collecting data for testing.

4. But when you do use broad match, it’s modified.


5. You feel on top of the world when a new campaign starts converting.


Oh yeah, life is good right now.

6. Your obsession with unicorn accounts is all thanks to Larry Kim.


I know you wish it were you riding that unicorn.

7. You are HUGE fans of @DrunkPPCGirl and @PPC_cat.

Who could they be?


If you think you know who they are, then please message me on Twitter. I’m dying to know!

8. And @DrunkPPCGirl makes you act like this…


9. You are either on Team Phrase or Team No Phrase.


Which keyword match type strategy will win @DrunkPPCGirl’s heart?

10. Or you are still on the fence with phrase match keywords. Are they alive or dead?


11. Either way, you feel close variant keywords match to the weirdest keywords sometimes.


12. And you agree the inflation of AdWords CPC is getting ridiculous.


What ever happened to the good old low CPC days?

13. You’re constantly retargeted to thanks to competitive PPC research.


I visit a few competitors’ websites and I get weird ads following me for the next month.

14. This was your reaction to the AdWords Reporting tab finally rolling out after waiting a year for it.


It might have took a year, but this Reporting tab is AMAZING.

15. You wish PPC platforms would do as you wish like Westley from The Princess Bride.


Dear AdWords, Bing, Facebook, etc.,

Take a page from Westley’s book and implement the features we want. Then you might be as loved as Westley.


The PPC Community

16. An intense wave of joy hits you when support answers your question the first time.


I didn’t have to ask the same question five different times…SCORE!

17. That joy disappears when your ad is one character over the limit for ad length.


That character just became public enemy number #1.

18. And your jaw drops when you get a PPC client with a terrible website that should be featured in a web design horror book.


Please PPC God! Let me be able to create custom landing pages!

19. Anger bubbles up when someone says desktops are the same as tablets.


THEY’RE TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Come on Google and Bing, I just want to target them separately.

20. You wonder if it’s the past every time someone says it’s the year of mobile.


Come on guys. It’s been the year of mobile for like five years now.

21. But #ppcchat (AKA #ppcventing) brings you back to the future of PPC.


If you are a #ppcchatter, then you’ve had to vent at least once. Don’t lie to yourself.

22. And you look forward to Hero Conf to see all your favorite PPCers.


The conference where PPC friends become more than a tiny Twitter picture.


That’s all for now PPCers. I hope you got a good laugh! But don’t cry that it’s over, because I have more of these BuzzFeed-style posts in the funnel.

In the meantime, what are your favorite signs from this list? Comment below or message me on Twitter. I love good PPC humor.

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