Digital Marketing Tips For Black Friday & Cyber Monday

It’s that time of year again… the Holidays are upon us, and if you have a small business of any kind and haven’t thought about capitalizing on Black Friday / Cyber Monday yet, you need to get on it! This post will help get you prepared for the incoming craziness that is about to ensue.


Even if It’s Small… Offer Something

No matter how big or how small you are willing to go, offering a deal in any shape or form for Black Friday & Cyber Monday is better than nothing. It doesn’t matter what your business has to offer, a strong online holiday sales season can make your whole year a success! “This season is crucial for the economy because around 30% of annual retail sales occur between Black Friday and Christmas” (The Balance).

No matter what your service or product is, there is a way to connect with your audience. Whether it’s 15% off your order or BOGO, anything helps, get creative with it! If there’s an item or service that hasn’t been selling well, slash the price. People live for the thrill of getting a good deal on Black Friday & Cyber Monday. In 2016, “Consumers spent $3.45 billion online on Monday, according to Adobe Digital Insights, easily blowing past initial estimates and continuing a strong Thanksgiving-Black Friday weekend” (Fortune).

Start Your Promotions Earlier

But not too early. The sweet spot is typically the second or third week of November. The idea is to prepare for your holiday sales early and put together a strategy so when the time is right promoting those sales will be a seamless process. Even if it’s just a week before the sale hits, if you have put together a strategic Black Friday plan, and have thought ahead once you post the sale your audience will be more enticed to engage. Whether it’s an email or it’s through AdWords or Paid Social, it is worth your time and investment.

Invest in Creative

Content is everything. Try to put yourself in the place of the consumer, what would catch your eye and get you to remember a “to die for” deal?

It’s One Weekend Out of the Year

When it’s all said and done, if you do not participate in the Black Friday & Cyber Monday craze it’s not detrimental to the success of your business. However, it’s one weekend out of the year that can have a BIG payout if you properly invest your time and efforts into it.

Let the madness begin!

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