Facebook Strategy: 3 Tactics to Boost Campaign Performance

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Facebook Strategy 

Facebook advertising isn’t overrated. If anything, it’s underrated. Why? Because when done thoughtfully (and ethically), it can change a business’s marketing strategy. Facebook weathered the worst of the Cambridge Analytica data storm and actually increased usage. There wasn’t a mass exodus, your audience is still there so a converting Facebook strategy should be on your list of priorities. But before you jump head first, you should know that there are multiple variables that you need to get right in order to make your campaign successful. one of them is . Here are three of our most effective Facebook strategy tactics that help us get our clients the most return on their investment.

1. Fast Take-Off Method

Fast Take-Off, also known as the FTO method helps to accelerate ad delivery and gather performance data during a campaign’s initial launch. To serve your ads to more people at the beginning of the campaign, we increase the initial budget and expand the audience size for a week when it’s done we will have enough data to tweak, and then adjust bids to match set budget.  Don’t panic, Facebook rarely spends your entire daily budget right off the bat.

The top three benefits of accelerated ad delivery:

  1. We can collect more ad data in order to start optimizing the campaign. 
  2. We quickly find out whether our ad creative is relevant or not.
  3. After our ads have enough impressions, we can measure the results and decide whether the campaign is delivering the results we were hoping for.

2. Lower Cost Per Click and Ad Frequency with Smart Scheduling

If the individual (or group of individuals) that manages your Facebook account hasn’t mentioned ad fatigue you should be feeling one of two things:

  1. Elated, because they are doing a phenomenal job.
  2. Very concerned, because if you’re advertising on Facebook you have to be prepared to fight ad fatigue.

Ad Fatigue occurs when an ad’s Click-Through-Rate drops as Frequency rate (how many times it’s seen) increases. What it means is that users have seen the Facebook ads too many times and are sick of it.

At Intuitive Digital our favorite hack to avoid or combat ad fatigue is to implement a “smart schedule”.   A Smart Schedule is when we break out creative type (carousel ads vs. single image ads) by ad set and schedule the ad sets to run on different days.

3. Use Every Ad Format

Image ads are the staple of every Facebook campaign. They are clear, concise and relatively easy to put together. However, single image ads can get lost in a Facebook users feed and are the most susceptible to ad fatigue. This is why it’s imperative to include other creative types into a Facebook account. Our favorites are:

  • Carousel Ads –  Facebook carousel ads are an ad format that allows you to combine 3-5 ads into a single scrollable ad unit. They allow us to showcase different areas of your company and they have impressive stats in terms of clicks and conversions. According to Facebook carousel ads drive a “30% to 50% lower cost-per-conversion than single image ads”.
  • Video Ads – Videos allow us to showcase your brand, services and communicate your story better. They are one of the best brand awareness tools out there. Unfortunately, videos are not typically conversion drivers and should be used in tandem with the two creative types above.

So There You Have It!

Three of Intuitive Digital’s favorite Facebook tactics. However, to be truly successful on Facebook, you need to make room for changes and testing. If one tactic doesn’t change your results try another until you find something that works for you. 

If you’re still experiencing performance issues, feel free to send us a message here! We would love to help you develop a Facebook strategy that will produce the results you’re looking for!

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