In Memory of Max Hoffman 1989 – 2019

Inside Intuitive

Max was not with our office for very long, but the impression he made on our company and those individuals lucky enough to work with him will last a lifetime.

“Max was always surprising me. I’d think I had him figured out and then he’d do something completely unexpected that would tear down the box I had tried to put him in. He seemed to have an overdeveloped sense of kindness and generosity that made me want to get to know him better the longer I knew him. He was so good at focusing his attention on others.” John Sweet Intuitive Digital Project Coordinator

The sentiment that Max was a bit of a chameleon was echoed often by his friends. He was deeply entrenched into a wide range of communities from his longtime school friends he played football with, to his online gamer group on Twitch, and to his long-standing volunteer work. You would learn something new about Max in a totally unexpected way, and who you understood him to be would expand greatly.

Max took to our office pranks pretty quickly. He once convinced both the CEO and Operations Director to help him prank our SEO Team Lead Lynn that he was quitting. Which quickly put Lynn into a tailspin trying to figure out why and how she could support Max to make him stay. He felt so bad about how seriously she took it that he ended up gifting her with a basset hound blanket (her fav dog and frequent office attire) which she’ll cherish forever. Max had an enormous mischievous smile, but an even bigger heart.

“Max was always smiling. I know that people always say that about their loved ones when they’re gone but it was true. He was a goofball and always willing to go the extra mile. He would call me after hours to talk things through because we both had more time. He was willing to learn new things, be a great mentor and leader, a genuinely good human being. He wasn’t with us long, but he made a huge impact.” Anish vonAhlefeld VP of Services

After a team member had casually mentioned in conversation with Max that they were looking for a mentor, Max reached out to his network and had found his team member the perfect mentor within a week. No one asked him to do this, he simply saw a place he could help and jumped on it. That’s who Max was. Someone who loved to help others. Max was very active volunteering with the local nonprofit Portland Youth Builders which works to train, educate, and support low-income youth. We know that their organization has lost a passionate supporter and so to honor Max, we started working with them and the design agency Revere in mid 2020 to help design and build PYB a new website. We hope this contribution will help the organization continue to grow and support the community for years to come.

Our company also does an annual office Fantasy Football league. Max was a competitive and enthusiastic player, and so the (very large) trophy the annual league winner receives is now lovingly renamed, “The Hoffman”.

We know our acts to honor him are not nearly big enough to reflect the impact he had on us. . But we hope that these efforts will help to carry on his memory – the legacy he left is truly in the lives of those he touched – who will always remember him reaching out with a hand of support whenever they needed it.

We’ll miss you always Max.

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Being the VP of Marketing and Culture at Intuitive is really about making sure we walk our talk. Whether that's fostering a balanced and supportive work culture, progressing JEDI initiatives, or ensuring we provide the highest level of service for all of our partners. Alysha is passionate about understanding and cultivating brand identities, and helping businesses share their story with the public through marketing.

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