Add Multiple Recipients to Mailto Links & More Contact Tips

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User experience is essential for good website performance. Building relationships and a customer base can exponentially help your business.

Why not make it as easy as possible for people to contact you?

There’s a simple addition that you can make on your website to improve the process your visitors take to reach you.

Phone and Mailto Links Make Your Contact Page Interactive

You can turn your contact information from static, plain text to efficient and helpful links!

A specific link structure can be added on the backend of your site to link the text that displays on the page to either a direct telephone number or a direct email address.

Visitors can then click on these links on your page to instantly contact you!

Adding Click-to-Call Phone Links

Adding click-to-call phone links allows visitors to view a page on your site, see a phone number, and directly click on that number to initiate a call to you.

This is a must nowadays in the shift towards a mobile-driven internet world. Visitors don’t want to have to copy the phone number from your website, open their phone keypad and manually type in that number to call you.

Making your phone number clickable saves visitors valuable steps, and boosts the likelihood that someone will follow through with that phone call.

Customizing Mailto: Links with Your Contact Information

The same clickable addition can be done for email links!

Say goodbye to copy and paste for your visitors to reach out to you via email. You can add email links (mailto: links) to text on your website so that when a person clicks on that email link on a page, the email program on their computer will open with an already populated email address to send a message to you!

When you add a specific link structure on the backend of your website, the links will look and behave something like this when visitors click on them:

mailto links opening a new email message with to, cc, bcc, subject, and body already filled out

And if you’ve already added an email link to your site, did you know you can do more than just specify the recipient?

Beyond populating the ‘To:’ field when a new email message opens for visitors after clicking an email link, you can add extra customization like CCed emails, BCCed emails, subject lines, and even body text!

Setting up an mailto link with these fields already added can increase the chances of the message being sent to you, and not abandoned halfway through.

This is also a great trick for allowing visitors to get in touch with multiple recipients at once!

If you have several members of your business team that can field customer inquiries or need to be included as the point of contact, the CC function sets the message up to be delivered to multiple recipients. This can boost response time and keep everyone on your team in the loop – all while ultimately building a better user experience on your website!

Example HTML to Set Up Phone and Email Links

Below are examples of how to set up phone links and email links on your site. These can vary depending on how your website is hosted and what content management system you use, but the link syntax remains consistent!

Feel free to copy and replace the example information with your own emails and phone number!

Phone Link

<a href=”tel:5551234567″>Give Us a Call!</a>

Note: if you’re filling out a link field in a content management system like WordPress or Squarespace, you can just use the link text tel:5551234567 within the quotes in that case.

Basic Email Link

<a href=”mailto:[email protected]”>Email Us!</a>

Note: a CMS link field text would just be mailto:[email protected]

CC Email

<a href=”mailto:[email protected]?&[email protected]”>Email Us!</a>

BCC Email

<a href=”mailto:[email protected]?&[email protected]”>Email Us!</a>

Subject & Body

<a href=”mailto:[email protected]?&subject=Subject%20Line%20Here&body=Hello%20Friend,”>Email Us!</a>

Note: some CMS providers will recognize regular spaces within your subject and body text. If your link isn’t working, try replacing the spaces with %20 instead.

All the things!

<a href=”mailto:[email protected]?&[email protected]&[email protected] &subject=Subject%20Line%20Here&body=Hello%20Friend,”>Email Us!</a>

Extra tip: use %0A between words to create line breaks in your body text!

infograph on mailto link syntax for adding cc and bcc emails to email links

Using Phone Links and Mailto Links for Your Site

Once you get those links set up, you can even use advanced Google Analytics techniques to learn more about how visitors interact with the links.

Ultimately, the goal is to make it so easy to get in touch with your business that the visitor won’t drop off due to any hurdles.

Setting up phone links and mailto links can greatly improve that visitor experience, contributing to more phone calls and more emails in your inbox!

And if you like the idea of setting up phone and email links but aren’t sure where to start, or if you have these links on your website, but aren’t sure how to track the clicks you receive, we can help!

Reach out to Intuitive Digital for help optimizing your website and improving your visitor experience!

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