5 YouTube Alternatives for Small Business

With more than 1.3 billion users and nearly 5 billion video views per day, YouTube reigns as the undisputed champ for the most popular video-sharing platform in the world.

9% of small businesses in the US have jumped on the YouTube bandwagon and leveraged this incredible tool to boost their online visibility and credibility and generate revenue.

Although YouTube covers the basics of video advertising and engagement analytics, businesses should only use these videos in the awareness stage of the conversion funnel.

Otherwise, you’re missing out on connecting with your target audience and generating conversions that are tailored to your business goals.

Should You Still Use YouTube for Your Small Business?


YouTube is a stepping stone to building trust with your audience and positioning your business as an expert in your industry.

Some advantages of using YouTube include:

  • Generating exposure from a larger audience
  • Having your videos appear in the Google search results
  • Earning money through Google AdSense

Let’s say you want to take a step further and add videos to your website. Unfortunately, these embedded videos don’t generate the same results as they would on YouTube.

Why is that?

If you click on the title of an embedded video, you will be redirected to the YouTube hosted video in a new browser tab. So what was originally intended to enhance the user experience would result in lost website traffic.

Other disadvantages of using YouTube include:

  • Lack of personalization (unable to add branding or change color scheme)
  • Unreliable analytics (skewed view counts, basic engagement data)
  • Blocked by schools, certain companies, and 3rd-party browser extensions
  • No adaptive bit-rate streaming, which results in considerable buffering and interrupted playback
  • No option to select which advertisements display along your videos
  • No dedicated customer support to help troubleshoot technical issues

Sherry Jordan Coach Videos on YouTubeLosing website traffic is one of the many disadvantages of embedded YouTube videos for small businesses.

5 Best YouTube Alternatives

Don’t compromise with YouTube when there are other credible video platforms that offer twice – if not three times – the amount of professional solutions.

We’ve done the research and narrowed down our favorites to the following:

  • JW Player
  • SproutVideo
  • Vimeo
  • Vzaar
  • Wistia

List of YouTube Alternatives for Small Businesses

Before diving into the comparison table below, evaluate the needs and goals of your business and how you are able to meet them with video marketing.

Will your clients find value from 360° or VR videos? How important is security when viewing or sharing your videos? Do you want video data to populate in your Google Analytics?

If you’re crunched for time or wish to share these insights with your marketing team, fill out this short form to download your own FREE copy of the YouTube Alternatives comparison table.

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Features JW Player (Premium) SproutVideo (Sapling) Vimeo
(Self Service)
Bandwidth* 250 GB 300 GB Unlimited 250 GB 200 GB
Storage* 50 GB 800 GB 20 GB/week 100 GB Up to 10 Videos*
Video quality Up to 4K (Ultra HD) Up to 8K (Ultra HD) Up to 4K (Ultra HD) Up to 4K (Ultra HD) Up to 4K (Ultra HD)
Video player customization
Cross-device compatibility
HTML5 Support
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Analytics reporting
Engagement tracking
Video heatmaps
Data and player APIs ✓**
Bulk uploading
Drag and drop organization
Add branding
Remove watermarks
Enable commenting
Variable playback speed
Multi-language subtitles ✓**
Call-to-action buttons
Email gates ✓** ✓**
Replace live video  ✓
Video advertising integration
Google Analytics integration ✓**
MailChimp integration ✓** ✓**
Constant Contact integration ✓**
Hubspot integration ✓**
Salesforce Pardot integration ✓**
Campaign Monitor integration ✓**
Emma integration
Marketo integration ✓**
Social syndication
Social sharing
Custom video portals
Webcam video
360° video
Virtual reality (VR)
Adaptive bitrate streaming
HTTP live streaming (HLS)  ✓
OTT (Over-the-top) content
SSL embeds
Password protection ✓**
Private video sharing  ✓ ✓**
Encrypted streaming (RTMPe)
IP address restriction
Domain restriction
Forum and customer support
Additional features • Recommendations engine
• iOS and Android SDKs
• Google’s DFP and AdX support
• 10 email integrations
• Custom video website builder
• DropBox integration
• Adobe Premiere Pro integration
• Vimeo On Demand: option to sell videos worldwide
• DropBox integration
• comScore integration
• Option to upload from iPhone
• 15 email integrations
• 15 link in email integrations
• 8 CMS integrations
• Team collaboration
Pricing $299/year $50/month $204/year $25/month $100/month
Start with the free plan Try for 14 days free Try for 30 days free Try for 30 days free Start with the free plan

*Per month
**Available in custom or upgraded plan

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