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Today’s incoming freshman classes, and tomorrow’s prospective students have grown up in a much different world than previous generations. Your universities branding, marketing, and communication needs to adapt to speak to these individuals where they spend their time, and in the ways they find easiest: through various online platforms and channels.

Digital marketing is the best way to start expanding your reach and honing your colleges online identity and experience while speaking directly to your ideal audience. For many colleges and universities, that’s a big and burdensome task.

We get it – marketing budgets are limited, time is limited, and you need to stay competitive when it comes to attracting potential applicants. That can be hard, especially for organizations with traditional processes.

You need to understand the online programs kids are using and how both the internet and the tools being used online change so that you can adjust your tactics for maximum effect. How do you start to modernize your strategies and create effective digital marketing plans?

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Increase Your Applicant Pool: Stand Out Among The Masses Online

Traditional marketing such as magazines and television was prohibitively expensive for many but the largest universities with massive marketing budgets, but online levels the playing field.

Many colleges have been slow to invest in their online marketing, creating an opportunity to be one of the first to develop an authoritative and exciting presence. You can stand out among all the other colleges and universities vying for applicants by creating an amazing website experience with personalized, creative marketing that grabs attention and provides valuable information. At Intuitive Digital we specialize in helping higher education organizations with:

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO), a long-term process with long-lasting results, is the foundation of any digital marketing strategy helping you communicate effectively and increase your online visibility with your target audiences. SEO makes it easier and more likely for prospective students to find your university and specific information they’re looking for about you or your programs online. From technical SEO and content optimization to user experience and keyword targeting, we’re talking about working to get your site on the first page of Google search results.

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Pay-per-click marketing can be a golden ticket to leads and inquiries, but creating and managing effective PPC campaigns is a time consuming and technical process. One of the greatest benefits of PPC is that you only pay when people are interested, when they click on your ad. But you need to ensure you’re saying the right thing to the right person at the right time in their school search. Intuitive Digital knows the ins and outs of keyword targeting, display and social ads, split testing, geofencing and more. We know how to cogently analyze user engagement data and for making real time adjustments to improve campaign performance.

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Web Design

Higher education organizations have unique challenges with their website. It has to serve multiple audiences: prospective and current students, staff, and alumni. It must be a combination of fresh, new design that engages your users but also delivers the information they are looking for – and there’s a lot of information!

Each of your different audiences need to be able to quickly navigate the site, find the information they’re looking for, and enjoy the overall experience. Intuitive Digital can make your website interactive and engaging, two of the most important parts of web design when it comes to digital marketing.

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Partner With Intuitive Digital To Reach Your Goals With Digital Marketing

Don’t feel like you need to figure all this out on your own! We can help you develop and execute a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to fulfill your school’s goals.

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I especially like how they continue to revamp their reporting efforts for us. This has allowed us to report back to leadership regularly.

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