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We know it’s hard. Prospective students and their families are looking at your school’s website to get information about programs, academics, and campus life – and that is a lot of information to effectively put on a website. Plus, 75% of consumers admit they judge the credibility of a college, university or any school based on their website.

Your site needs to look current and fresh as part of selling them on your school, your brand, and the incredible experiences students will have at your institution.

From strategy and design to development and launch here’s how we do it…
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Website Design

For your site to leave a lasting impression, keep your prospective students on the site, and convert them to registered students you need seamless content structure and uncluttered layouts. At the same time, it must deliver key information in an easy to digest way, naturally leading users down a path towards enrollment.

Intuitive Digital can help ensure your website is designed with your brand and audience in mind. Inviting colors that stay true to your university, easy to read text with enticing typography, meaningful graphics that are useful (not just for decoration), and incredible photography that captivates users through visual appeal.


Attracting new students every year is a tough challenge. Let your website work for you to convey your school’s story to every student through quality content. It isn’t just limited to the words on the page, it’s also the images, videos, and downloads as well as the the organization and the layout.

Your website’s content must be informative, relevant, and engaging while maintaining your authentic brand voice. Building confidence is a huge part of user experience: if your site conveys your school’s knowledge and competence, you’re one step closer to having that student choose your school!

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Functionality And Usability

Keeping people on your site when you have a lot of information to share is when function and use go hand-in-hand. If your site doesn’t function well, then it’s likely hard to use, which means prospective students are going to bounce their way off your site and on to your competition.

Every website needs to be easy to navigate. If users can’t find their way around or worse yet, can’t easily find what they are specifically looking for, they’re not going to stay long. Logical navigation and a consistent layout is user friendly for many different types of people (prospective students, their parents or maybe even grandparents as well as school counselors etc..). Today’s websites have to be cross-platform compatible: users shouldn’t have an issue viewing the site whether they’re using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, a Mac, a PC, a mobile phone or a tablet.

Intuitive Digital’s in-house web development team ensures our sites are user-friendly and mobile-friendly. It’s a mobile world, and your site should be accessible no matter the time, place or device.

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Website Maintenance

Designing and launching a website is a big job. But just because a site is live doesn’t mean it’s done. Website maintenance is an important and vital part of a successful website and overall user experience. If your school doesn’t perform regular maintenance on its websites, your site could be underperforming in many different areas.

Quality website maintenance helps keep your site secure (to prevent hackers or malware), keeps up with changes and improvements in front-end and back-end code, and it maintains the overall ROI of your website over time.

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UX Design

Improve The Experience On Your Website

Digital marketing and web design evolve as technology and user expectations evolve. What’s trendy now won’t be in one, two or even three years and your digital marketing strategy should mature and expand with the world. In conjunction with our search engine optimization and pay per click marketing strategies, your school’s online presence will stand out above your competition.

Proactive and committed, Intuitive Digital maintains regular communication to ensure that the project continues to proceed on an upward trajectory.

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