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NASA didn’t just jaunt off to the moon without some serious planning and neither do we. As we learn about your business and audience we start producing data-informed ideas and strategies. We put our brains to the task of creating a customized marketing plan so that your marketing dollars go to all the right places.

Not sure what your business goals are? We will help define those so you won’t get lost in the weeds. In today’s economy, no one can afford to waste time, energy, and resources on the wrong marketing strategies. We can help make sure you move in the right direction, by making data-backed decisions.

Our Proven Process

We’ve been refining our proven process since the inception of Intuitive Digital in 2012. Today that’s developed into a formula that helps us create national award-winning campaigns for a number of our partners in a variety of industries and sectors.

  1. Discovery & Strategy

  2. Execute

  3. Evaluate & Accelerate

Fact-Finding Mission: Early Research, Discovery & Strategy

How can we know where you are going if we don’t know where you have been?

Give us 30 days to pour over what you’ve already tried to help us understand what you really need to make your marketing more effective. The Intuitive Digital team looks at all your existing marketing campaigns – digital, print, trade shows – whatever you have connected with your customers. We look at all your assets – content, photos, videos. We discuss with you what worked and what didn’t. We talk about your customer personas and user flows. Don’t have these? No worries. We can help!

At the end of our first phase, we will have crafted a specific strategy for your organization that will put you on the path to reaching your marketing goals.  Here is how this works in real life: let’s say you call us about pay-per-click. We pull out our tools and audit your marketing efforts only to discover that your website is where the trouble lies, customers are abandoning the site without making a purchase or taking any action. That leak in your conversion funnel needs to be fixed so your customers will be engaged. Unearthing this detail may lead us to recommend website updates, or custom landing pages, in addition to updating and managing your paid media campaigns.

Our recommendations are always anchored in helping you reach your goals, with the healthiest possible long-term strategy. Once we’ve presented our strategy, you’re welcome to take it and implement it with your in-house team. Or keep working with us to take the load off your plate and ensure every task is being completed by a skilled expert.

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Get A Dedicated Marketing Team

Every partner gets a dedicated account manager who will walk beside you every step of the way.  Communication is vitally important to any successful campaign.  We work hard to ensure we decode digital marketing jargon so you know exactly what the plan is to reach your goals.

You’ll have digital strategists, copywriters, and designers specifically assigned to your account to ensure everyone working on your marketing understands your organization and provides continuity.

We work with you to determine what meeting cadence is best to ensure clear communication and steady progress on our work. We believe in partnering with your team closely to get the best results.

A digital strategist will explore your digital landscape from the short and long view, ensuring every detail helps your future growth. Nurturing your complex customer relationships across various digital channels is what we do best. Meanwhile, our creative designers and copywriters will create quality assets that attract your ideal customer.

Intuitive Digital is a priceless extension to my in-house marketing team. They are experienced and knowledgeable marketers who collaborate well as a team. Their technical abilities and marketing-insight are only surpassed by their kindness and sincere motivation to help me exceed my goals.

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Lay The Foundation For Success

Month two is what we call the Execute phase. As we work through the high-priority items we identified during our strategy phase. This may consist of work such as implementing SEO best practices and building out your ongoing content strategy. Our paid media experts and design team write and design your ads, create custom audiences, and design persona-based landing pages. Everything you need to get your paid media campaigns ready to launch. The web team designs your project, builds your website, and brings your vision to life.

Ongoing Collaboration For Steady Growth

We’re slightly fanatical about continuous improvement. If something isn’t working, we find the sticking point and fix it. Month three kicks off our on-going Evaluate and Accelerate phase.

Our strategists have your back. They are here for you when you have a new product, service or initiative. They can simultaneously develop long-term strategies to build your business and guide you. They think cross-channel, understanding the big picture of how PPC, SEO, landing pages, content and your website work together.

Long-term success is all about tweaking. We know it’s more important than ever to be able to quickly pivot, and our team is tenured on evaluating the changing cultural landscape and adjusting. We will find answers that keep your marketing on track for success.

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Transparent Reporting

Consistant, transparent reporting is essential to ensure we all understand what’s working, and what needs improvement.  We never want you hopelessly lost in your data. Your dedicated account manager will be in regular contact so that you can make data-informed decisions together.

Measuring and analyzing performance is how we improve month after month after month.

Have questions? No numbers will be a mystery. We provide deeper details in our reports every quarter and your account manager talks you through everything. We’ll customize your reporting to ensure we’re communication on the KPI’s most important to your organization.

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