Discover the Portland Marketing Firm that Rockets You to Growth

Discover the Portland Marketing Firm that Rockets You to Growth

What Does a Digital Marketer Do?

People look to Google to tell them where to eat and what to do when they are bored. There are a whole lot more places out there for you to explore (cue Star Trek theme) and you’ll have to travel many superhighways to reach your customers (read: diversify your digital marketing). 

The internet is a whole new-ish world with constantly changing algorithms and new players. Digital marketers (that’s us!) are highly-experienced internet explorers who – through our discovery process- define which online channels are your best bets for getting visibility and increasing growth. 

Leads are hard to generate out in the cyberspace of the internet. Often it is hard to read the customer’s bread crumbs (read: Big Data) as they go through their digital journey. Their trails crisscross all over the internet. Are your marketing decisions leading your customer in the right direction? ←which, of course, means to you! 

Now you don’t have to cross your fingers and hope that your digital marketing plan is engaging customers.

Man reading about how Intuitive Digital does digital marketing

Intuitive Digital will be your digital marketing guide aligning your strategies with your goals so you can climb higher up the galactic mountain of growth.

Each one of these tools can be used alone or together. There are best practices for pairing services. We make sure you are putting together the right services for your business (cuz, everybody is unique, right?)

We have a lot of tools in our guide kit: 

Intuitive Digital Makes Your Marketing Better

Intuitive Digital’s team has a fastidious attention to detail. NASA didn’t just jaunt off to the moon without some serious planning and neither do we. As we learn about your business we start producing ideas and strategies. We put our brains to the task of creating a customized marketing plan so that your marketing dollars go to all the right places. 

Not sure what your business goals are? We will help define those so you won’t get lost in the weeds. Wandering off down the wrong path sucks time, energy and resources and oftentimes you can become paralyzed by indecision. We are on the side of productivity and having a plan (both our favorites!)

Here’s the thing . . . there are no short-cuts to marketing. This is good news! It means when you use your skill of Advanced Planning you will really know how your marketing is doing. You will have better data. You can fix problems while they are small. Partnering with experts who know the territory means you won’t end up overwhelmed and panicking, talking to yourself and wondering how you got there. The internet can be unforgiving.  

Our team will make sure you aren’t stuck in a digital marketing black hole.

Want to know more about our team and how they can rocket you to the next level of growth?

Intuitive Digital is a priceless extension to my in-house marketing team. They are experienced and knowledgeable marketers who collaborate well as a team. Their technical abilities and marketing-insight are only surpassed by their kindness and sincere motivation to help me exceed my goals.

Lucas Lennick
Oregon Culinary Institute

Fact-Finding Mission: Early Research, Strategy & Audits

How can we know where you are going if we don’t know where you have been? 

Give us 30 days to pour over what you really need to make your marketing better. The Intuitive Digital team looks at all your existing marketing campaigns – digital, print, trade shows – whatever you have connected with your customers. We look at all your assets – content, photos, videos. We discuss what worked and what didn’t. We talk about your customer personas and user flows. (Don’t have these? No worries. We can help.)

A team meeting to plan digital marketing

The result of our voyage through your business? We will have a specific strategy that will put your marketing on the path where your customers travel.  Here is how this works in real life: let’s say you call us about pay-per-click. We pull out our tools and audit your marketing only to discover that your website is suffering eye-watering losses. That leak in your marketing needs to be fixed so your customers will be engaged. 

Not to worry — you have us to guide you! Our early research will get you on track with the right strategies and service. 

Your Marketing Guides For Success

Intuitive Digitial’s guides to digital marketing success will help you navigate into new territory so your goals are met. 

Your dedicated account manager will walk beside you every step of the way. Communication is vitally important to any successful campaign. You may not be planning for a trip to the moon but prepping = success. We work to keep meetings to a minimum (while gently reminding you to do your homework). 

Woman proud of her digital marketing
cell phone with facebook ads

A digital strategist will explore your digital landscape from the short and long view —  making sure every detail helps your future growth. Nurturing your complex customer relationships across various digital channels is what we do best. Meanwhile, our creative designers and copywriters will be creating quality things that attract your ideal customer. Customers love quality content that help answer their questions. Paired with visually attractive design and you have some irresistible stuff  ← plus this is good for your brand (#winning).  

Have more burning questions about what we do? We have answers!

“Be ready to work just as hard as they do. You’ll be held to as high of a standard as them, but your company will flourish because of it.”

Lucas Lennick
Oregon Culinary Institute

Get Your Own Marketing Team with Ongoing Services

Now we have a plan. It’s time to set it all into motion. We plan put-it-all-into-action meetings  ← the super productive kind. You decide the check-in schedule. We set up a reporting frequency. We never want you hopelessly lost in your data. 

Our job is to put out a beacon that attracts leads to you. Great leads. With the kind of customers that buy things. If that isn’t happening we need to find out why. We work to find the sticking point and fix it. 

Strategists have your back. They are here for you when you have a new product, service or initiative. They are also here to develop long-term strategies to build your business and guide you. They think cross-channel, understanding the big picture of how PPC, SEO, landing pages, content and your website work together. 

Long-term success is all about tweaking. On any journey you will have unexpected challenges (like NASA overcoming that whole gravity thing). We know about challenges and won’t let you just go off all willy-nilly. We will find answers that keep your marketing on track for success.

reporting dashboard for marketing

Transparent Reporting

You won’t just get an email from a random person during a blue moon. Your dedicated account manager will be in regular contact so that you can make better decisions faster. 

Consistent check-ins keep your project on track. Monthly meetings or phone calls are where we look forward to the next month’s goals.  

Measuring is how we improve your strategic map so we do all the measuring we can. 

Have questions? No numbers will be a mystery. We provide deeper details in our reports every quarter and your account manager will go through everything. If there is an additional metric you need we can customize your reporting. (We can even deliver it in a Darth Vader voice if that’s your thing.)

Won’t You Be Our Partner?

Here’s the bottom line – digital marketing has changed how businesses connect and grow. The unforgiving terrain of the internet generates an ever-lengthening list of to-dos that most businesses struggle to keep up with.

That’s why Intuitive Digital exists → we help you carry the load so you can reach the mountain top of success. The best partnerships are ones where we both work closely together toward a common goal → building your business! 

We know that you might need to see some proof. Well, we have case studies!

Ready to explore how Intuitive Digital can take you boldly into the growth you are looking for?

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