Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

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It matters at Intuitive Digital.

As a small hybrid digital marketing agency based in Portland, one of the whitest big cities in America, we’re keenly aware of the systemic racism prevalent in our region and industry – and acknowledge our role in perpetuating it. We are committed to doing our part to amplify the voices of marginalized communities, including Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Island, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

Our purpose at Intuitive Digital is to inspire change. Since our inception in 2012 as In2itive Search, we’ve prioritized people and partnerships that align with our values. Becoming a B Corp Certified and official Benefit Company in 2020 solidified our dedication to operating as a values-driven organization, prioritizing impact over profit.

Land Acknowledgement

At Intuitive Digital we acknowledge that the places we live and work are on land stolen from the original indigenous people who were the first inhabitants of this country. As of 2024, this includes but is not limited to, the following tribes and peoples: 

Siletz, Wasco, Clackamas, Chinook, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Ute, Cowlitz, Shawandasse, Tula, Myaamia, Sioux, Kalapuya, O’odham, Hohokam, Chumash, Salish, Blackfeet, Cherokee, Muskogee, and Kickapoo.

Our Commitment To Action

Through our partnership with Construct the Present, we have overhauled our hiring processes to combat unconscious biases and set specific diversity goals. However, our commitment extends beyond our workplace. We’re dedicated to ongoing education, challenging our biases, and doing what we can to dismantle the oppressive systems that affect BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ communities.

Joining the Intuitive Digital team isn’t only about a job, it’s a commitment to advocating for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion every day. Together, we’re not just redefining digital marketing, we’re striving to be a force for good in an industry that often falls short.

In 2020 We…

  • Deepened our personal and professional work through training.
  • Read and discussed How To Be An Anti-Racist by Ibram X. Kendi.
  • Expanded our Accountability Committee to meet more often and include more voices.
  • Launched our scholarship program aimed to increase diversity in digital and tech fields, alongside a paid summer internship program.
  • Volunteered as a team and shifted our focus to nonprofits supporting BIPOC in the Portland area.
  • Reimagined our content creation process to be more purposeful and inclusive.

In 2021 We…

  • Conducted employee interviews and surveys to ensure all voices were heard in setting goals for the new year.
  • Hosted viewing parties, book clubs, and team training sessions; discussing the following media: 
  • Continued our education with Construct the Present and completed training on Land Acknowledgments.
  • Awarded our second annual scholarship. Learn more about our 2021 scholarship winner Danny here.
  • Actively participated in the TechTown community, attending training sessions and workshops to further our commitment to inclusivity.
  • Established an Employee Resource Group to foster connections within our BIPOC community.

In 2022 We…

  • Celebrated PRIDE Month with a team learning event and a social media campaign spotlighting LGBTQ+ individuals who have made contributions to the tech, science, and digital world.
  • Observed various heritage months through internal education sessions and social media campaigns, highlighting the contributions of diverse individuals in tech. Check each out on our Instagram: 
  • Read and discussed the Portland Means Progress report Code-Switched, which highlights narratives from women of color and gender-variant individuals in the tech industry.
  • Celebrated AAPI Month with a team discussion after watching the film Minari, by Lee Isaac Chung.
  • Awarded our third annual scholarship. Learn more about our 2022 scholarship winner, Valerie.
  • Conducted a half-day training session with CTP focused on creating equity in the workplace, discussing privilege and its effects on various identities.

In 2023 We…

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Our Forever Steps…

At Intuitive Digital, our journey toward equity, diversity, and inclusion is ongoing.

We recognize that there’s always more to learn and improve, both as individuals and as a company. That’s why we’re dedicated to continual growth and evolution. We believe in the power of listening, learning, and taking action.

We are committed to creating positive change within our organization, our community, and beyond.

We take pride in our active participation in initiatives like Portland Means Progress and the Portland Workforce Alliance. These partnerships reflect our dedication to making a meaningful impact in our community and industry.

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