You wear a lot of hats in your organization. Your website should too.

You wear a lot of hats in your organization. Your website should too.

Is your site pulling its weight?

For modern nonprofits, your website is one of the most valuable tools to achieve your mission. When someone hears about your cause — whether in dinner conversation, the news, or just in someone’s social media feed — their first destination to learn more will likely be your site.

That means your site needs to be an extension of your team, clearly demonstrating and drawing people into your mission to turn concerned citizens into active participants in your cause.

Here are some keys to a successful nonprofit website design…

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Nonprofit Website Design

Web design is about more than how your site looks, it defines how people use it. That requires putting your audience first and taking the time to understand who they are, what they want from your site, and want them to take. (A common mistake we see from nonprofits is serving the needs of your team or board, rather than your audience).

When done correctly, your website design should meld your message, functionality, and objectives into a seamless experience that helps achieve your goals — whether that’s growing donations, adding volunteers, or simply raising the profile of your cause.

Content & Storytelling

“What is your mission? Why should I care?”

One of the greatest strengths of nonprofit organizations is their story. Founded by passionate people, nonprofits strive to help solve the problems they see in the world. They engage communities and have great stories to tell. Storytelling is a huge marketing asset for nonprofits, but also a challenge to keep up with, because someone needs to write and promote those stories.

Weaving your story into your site, and ensuring it is focused on your audience, not your team, is key to a successful nonprofit site. Don’t be afraid to get emotional. Your organization was founded because someone cared — whether they were mad about an injustice, or a cause tugged at their heart strings, those emotions will also resonate with your audience and give them reason to get involved.

Functionality and Usability

The only member of your marketing team who works 24/7, your website can also multitask. Gathering donations, selling products, or registering users for events can be essential revenue streams for many nonprofits. Integrating these features into your site can simultaneously increase income and make your team’s life easier.

Intuitive can help you build these systems, and we can also help to promote them. Selling your products through Google Shopping or boosting your Facebook posts about upcoming events can make a big impact on your fundraising.

Website Maintenance

Design and content are important ways your users experience your brand, but at the end of the day, your site just needs to work. Our dedicated web team can build and maintain your site, ensuring a great user experience and long life for your new site.

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Your website is not a product, don’t think of it as “one-and-done”

Too many organizations — both for-profit and not — launch their site, then take it for granted. Other than adding an occasional event or news item, the site essentially remains untouched. Most visitors make up their mind about an organization within the first minute on their site. A website that hasn’t been updated recently raises a red flag, but your website should do more than avoid red flags — it should grow and evolve with your audience and mission. This not only ensures your online message is current, it also extends the life of your website.

Activate your site with digital marketing

A website is only as valuable as the number of people who see it. PR and social media are great tools to build your site traffic and audience, but they have limitations. Search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search (PPC) should also be part of your marketing strategy. SEO focuses on factors that Google and other search engines value when determining how your site ranks for a given search term. Pay-per-click marketing is an underused resource for nonprofits, especially given the fact that Google provides grants of up to $10,000 per month to qualifying organizations. Learn more about Google Grants.

As a values-based organization ourselves, we love partnering with nonprofits to tell their stories and help them achieve their goals.

They redesigned the homepage and identified new language to better reflect our organization’s goals.

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