Ashe Design is a leading designer of photography templates for professional photographers. They design photo books, birth announcements, graduation invitations, collages, gallery wraps, and much more.

  • Increased revenue by 347% while only increasing spend by 25% 100% 100%
  • Decreased CPA by 62% from $10.12 to $3.93 62% 62%
  • Increased the CTR of their ads by 229% 100% 100%
  • Reduced their average cost per click by 53% 53% 53%

When got serious about our marketing, we were referred to Intuitive Digital in May of 2015. We started by having them manage our Google Adwords and have expanded to using them for our email marketing. In just 1 year’s time, we have easily doubled our revenue over the previous year. This young group of professionals is a perfect fit for us and receive our highest recommendation.

Sonja Ashe

  • Problem

    Ashe Design is a photography template design company whose revenues had been declining due to new competition entering the space combined with free, although less valuable, options becoming more popular. Ashe was investing in their email marketing and SEM channels when they approached Intuitive Digital to help drive more revenue through their AdWords account. Their business was in decline and to stay in operations they needed to reverse that trend quickly.

  • Solution

    After an initial campaign rebuild, Intuitive Digital went to work on deploying highly successful strategies that included regular ad testing, day and time bid adjustments, device bid adjustments, direct ROI bid strategies, email retargeting, and Gmail ad campaigns.

  • Results

    The results achieved with a small budget have been remarkable. Our results are from November 1st, 2015 through May 31st and compared to the prior period. The number one goal Ashe Design had was to regain and increase their revenue which saw a 357% increase over the period moving from $12,754 to $45,525. You may be thinking sure but they probably spent more, which they did, but we only increased spend by 25% to increase ROAS to 6.09 from 1.7. Driving more people to the site through paid search ended up increasing our conversions by 231% and decreasing our CPA by 62% from $10.40 to $3.93. This was extremely important as their average order value was only $10.12 and therefore paying Google $.28 to use their templates prior to having our team begin our work. We turned their AdWords account from a money bleeding mess to a profit driving, business growing investment tool.

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