Bridgetown Trucking is a local transportation and logistics company that operates in Oregon, Washington and the St. Louis, Missouri area. The company handles warehousing, transportation services, and order fulfillment services.


increase in Organic traffic


decrease in bounce rate


increase in Pages per session (organic traffic)


increase in Average session duration for organic traffic (improved by over a full minute)


goal conversion rate

  • Problem

    With a newly expanded warehouse, Bridgetown Trucking had an immediate need to fill that warehouse with product. On top of that, the company had goals to diversify and grow their client base. At the time, their website was heavy with industry jargon, wasn’t inviting or customer friendly, and did not rank well organically for their preferred search terms.

  • Solution

    Strategically, it made the most sense to launch SEO services alongside a brand new website. Bridgetown Trucking had a site created by another firm that is consumer-friendly, easy to read, and optimized from an SEO perspective based on our recommendations. We conducted keyword research and created SEO outlines that their copywriter used as a guide to write the website content. Once the website was live, we launched ongoing SEO services, including both onsite and offsite optimizations. A comprehensive blogging strategy, and local and technical SEO work quickly built strong domain authority for Bridgetown Trucking.

  • Results

    The impact of the new website, coupled with a strong SEO presence, was immediate. Total traffic to the site almost tripled within the first six months. Organic traffic more than doubled, and the quality of that traffic improved drastically. The new website was able to support additional volume by retaining customers on the pages, making each visit a higher quality visit. Visitors to the website are converting at a rate of 7%.

The experience of working with Intuitive Digital has been a very eye opening and positive relationship, one that has changed the direction of my business now and into the future. We went from an unrecognized brand online, to toping all of the pages in the categories that mean the most to us, with a direct impact to our sales pipeline. Unless you are a person with a passion of spending your free time staying up to speed on the latest SEO and marketing methods and techniques, do yourself a favor and call the team at Intuitive, it is money well spent. Dave Chalmers

President/CEO, Bridgetown Trucking

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