Life’s Work is a physical therapy clinic that treats all types of pain, from athletic injuries to complex chronic pain with an emphasis on evidence-based, personalized treatment.


increase in organic traffic


increase for average time on page for organic traffic


increase in page views from all traffic sources


increase in goal completions

June 12 2018 (site launch) – August 24th 2018
compared to June 12, 2017 – Aug 24th 2017
  • Problem

    After seeing success with SEO services with us for a number of years, data began to show that Life’s Work’s website UX and design was starting to impact the number of daily contacts they were receiving. In the competitive Portland, OR market, maintaining a strong presence online was a requirement for Life’s Work and a new site, the company would not see continued gains from SEO services. They needed a beautiful, well-designed site with simple UX to support their investment in continuing SEO. Issues such as site speed and navigation limitations were impacting both organic performance and user experience.

  • Solution

    We launched a brand new website for Life’s Work with a completely revamped UX and design. The company invested in custom photos for the site to set it apart from their competition. In addition, we adjusted their brand colors to accent the site with calming lighter blues to make potential clients feel cared for. We felt that this was a great way to visually queue one of the differentiators Life’s Work wanted highlighted.

    Our web team worked hand in hand with our SEO team to conduct new keyword research for the entire site to incorporate into content across the site. The new website compliments the ongoing SEO work we’re doing and allows for a successful digital marketing strategy.

  • Results

    We saw results instantly! Within the three months after site launch, both volume and quality of organic traffic grew. We’re not only driving more people to the site via organic search, but the new site is helping to keep these searchers on the site for longer and completing more goals – increasing the ROI of both the site and ongoing SEO.

Thanks to the Intuitive team and their SEO work, we’ve seen a big jump in the number of visitors to our website, which has resulted in more business! We love our newly-designed website! The Intuitive team was great as they walked us through the entire redesign process.

Jennifer N.

Marketing Manager, Life's Work Physical Therapy

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