Oregon Culinary Institute is Portland’s only locally owned and operated culinary institute, which offers programs for Culinary Arts & Baking and Pastry. Their students graduate with the necessary skills for a career they love.


Google Adwords: improvement in conversions


Google Adwords: improvement in cost per conversion


Bing: improvement in conversions


Bing: improvement in cost per conversion


Facebook: improvement in conversions


Facebook: improvement in cost per conversion

  • Problem

    Although Oregon Culinary Institute’s paid search accounts were in good shape when they were brought to Intuitive Digital, they were looking for a company to actively manage their AdWords, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads accounts and to improve metrics.

    Their goals were to:
    Increase Conversions
    Lower Cost Per Conversion

  • Solution

    By reviewing the account performance data regularly we made frequent adjustments to keywords, bidding strategies, and targeting to increase conversions and lower their cost.

  • Results

    Results: January 1st – December 31st, 2017

    Overall, across all three platforms, the total number of conversions increased from 2,216 to 2,881 and the overall cost per conversion improved from $137.11 to $90.99

    Google AdWords account saw a 16.81% improvement in conversions from 1,469 to 1,716; and a 33.64% improvement in the cost per conversion from $131.14 to $87.02.

    Bing Ads account saw a 13.64% improvement in the number of conversions from 286 to 325; and a 49.80% improvement in the cost per conversion from $154.25 to $77.44.

    Facebook Ads account saw an 82.21% improvement from 461 to 840; and a 28.19% improvement in the cost per conversion from $144.18 to $103.53.

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