A business coach is a powerful tool and it’s handy to have a coach with a book! Sherry Jordan was compelled to write a book that would be useful for anyone looking to create a successful lifestyle business.

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She didn’t need but one page to promote her book with right-to-the-point content, purchasing through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, pops of electric red, and a handy “Start Getting Tips!” button and form for capturing interested people’s contact information. Simple, but intuitive!

Now, Sherry can remain in touch with her prospects through email campaigns that trickle information to her audience. Read more about our 
Email Marketing Services!

Intuitive Digital was a perfect fit. They built a website that helped me tell my story to an audience of strangers and attract buyers for both my book and my services. There are millions of authors out there. Competing is not easy. The design, format, and functionality of my site has made it so much easier for me to reach my goals.

Sherry B. Jordan, Author of Plan It!, Do It!, Love It!

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