TLP offers literature-based, discovery style learning designed for home school education.

  • 59% increase in page views per session 59% 59%
  • 20% increase in average session duration 20% 20%
  • 15% improvement in bounce rate 15% 15%
  • 12% increase is Q4 2017 sales over Q4 2016 12% 12%

I knew my website was dated and ineffective, but didn’t know how to fix it. Anish and team listened intently, then designed a website that exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t be happier.

Barbara Blakely

Owner, Total Language Plus

  • Problem

    Total Language Plus (TLP) grew tremendously in their first several years. The business blossomed through word of mouth and sales were largely managed by a sales team that operated through trade shows and conferences. However, as their client base expanded across the nation and customers wanted to make a direct purchase online rather than through a sales person, TLP needed to create a website designed for the end user. At that time, their site’s purchase funnel made reviewing, selecting, and purchasing products difficult, and it didn’t provide key educational resources for its audience. The old site had a clunky user experience wasn’t able to support current SEO techniques – essential for enabling TLP to continue to grow their online sales.

  • Solution

    TLP’s new site is beautiful to look at and easy to use. The design of the site helps explain the teaching methods and philosophy behind TLP’s products and makes it easy for home teachers by suggesting companion and similar products. The site also includes dozens of sample pages users can view to ensure they know exactly what’s in the type of lessons they’re browsing and make sure it meets the needs of their child’s at-home curriculum. Then they can easily purchase their selected products directly from the site – which also stores user data to recall previous purchases.

  • Results

    Since launching the new site, user metrics have improved across the board. Fewer users are bouncing off,  and instead, they’re staying on the website longer, browsing more products, and actively engaging with the content before making purchases. They also saw a 12% increase in Q4 2017 sales over Q4 2016 sales – historically their slowest quarter of the year.

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