Are You Ready to Take Your Content Development from “Blah” to “Booyah”?

Are You Ready to Take Your Content Development from “Blah” to “Booyah”?

The Content Deluge is upon us.

It’s here (well, it’s been here – and is still here). We are going to need a boat.

Content marketing. It is everywhere. And it’s growing.

You may be wondering at this point — what is content? Let us pause for some definitions.

Content is valuable information that draws people to your brand.

Copywriting is the persuasive words that tap into people’s psychology to sell your products.

Bottom line: You need both for a well-rounded content strategy.

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Surveys that smart people put out all over the interwebs found that 55% of marketers plan to make blog content their number one priority. That means more businesses plan to create a lot more content this year. You might be wondering – wasn’t that the prediction last year? And the year before that? 

Yes. Yes, it was. And it will be next year too. 

And marketers are serving content like beer at a Viking victory feast. The goblet overfloweth (and not with the good stuff).

Content development is here to stay. If you aren’t investing in website content strategies then you are missing the boat.

71% of buyers say they consume blogs on their buyer journey ←this means you should be doing it. Because more people who come to your site (and liked your content) means more (and better) leads, conversions, sales. Each piece of content is part of the customer journey taking them from awareness to buying. You become the expert they need and buy from.

But content marketing doesn’t work if people hate it. In fact, it works in reverse because people catch on (they are smart that way) and put up their defense shields. 

When a brand is associated with crap it deters buyers (unless you are selling toilet paper).

Let’s be fair to all the businesses out there – good content is hard to write.

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It takes time to plan. It takes time to research. It takes time to sit and write a lot of words on a blank page so your content can be found (translation: Google likes long-form – 2000 words or more –  content). It takes time to do all this consistently. 

Quality + quantity = winning both a quality audience and the search engine rankings.

All this means is that it takes a lot of your time to deliver website content that attracts and keeps an audience.

And your audience wants the best. Despite all the hype, your audience aren’t goldfish. What they are: people in search of good answers. When they find content that gives them what they need they settle in with a cup of coffee and a notepad (and possibly a credit card because you seem to be an authority they can trust).

Anyone can whip out a short piece of content (that is probably boring and inadequate for real SEO results)… But that’s not you… plus you don’t have time – and it takes a lot of time to get it right.

You want to create content that knocks off their socks and then sells them slippers. 

Yes? You in?

Alright then. This is what you need to do → spend your moolah on creating great content strategies.

They prioritize their ability to create content from a position of genuine understanding, rather than passively providing the type of content that we request.

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And surprise! The number one content strategy → your content is not about you.

Your content is about your audience. And they want:

  • Content that is informational, not sales-y
  • Content that tells a meaningful story. 
  • Content that delivers on your brand promises.

Your content strategy should include a content calendar that is both zoomed-in close AND thinking about the big picture. Doing this will keep you ready to pivot if a trending topic pops up in your industry. Content like blogs are great for SEO (don’t know what this is? We got you.) They give you those long-tail keywords — ever-useful specific phrases your customers are actually searching for that are the holy grail of SEO strategy.

To get these, it takes research into what people are searching for in your industry and then strategically using those exact phrases for your keywords. Now you will show up at the top of the page to an audience who is very interested in what you have to say on the subject.

When they land on your content and find that you have given them super useful content they love – BOOM! Insta-fan. And bonus – people searching for specific things are more likely to buy.

You might be thinking, “Yes, yes. That is all fine and good but I don’t have any kind of content strategy. I am running on blind luck really.”

Well, it’s lucky you should be here.

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Intuitive Digital will help you raise your content marketing game so you delight your audience. 

Intuitive Digital creates great content for your business by: 

  • Aligning your content with your mission and goals
  • Determining which content to develop with keyword research

After the research is done we create content that is:

  • Findable by your readers using SEO guidelines
  • Readable with an easy to read formatted style 
  • Understandable to your customer personas
  • Actionable by making sure there are clear calls to action 
  • Shareable with great storytelling that provokes an emotion
  • Measurable with analytics that tells us what is working so we can make more!

Content marketing isn’t going anywhere. Are you ready to take your content marketing strategies straight to “Booyah”?

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