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Google Analytics Updates

Google likes to keep things interesting, every few years they roll out a huge update to one of their platform tools. This year, it’s Google Analytics’ turn. There will be some great additions and fun new gadgets, as well as the disappearance of some of features you’ve become accustomed to. Regardless of whether you love or hate the updates, it is now required if you want to keep collecting data on your website.

Every time they do a massive tool platform update like this, the reaction from the digital marketing community and business owners alike is collective panic. We have to learn to use a new UX and adjust data, not to mention actually setting it all up to begin with.

As a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, Paid Media, and Web Design and Development services, we use Google Analytics everyday. It was essential we be early adopters of GA4 and become experts ASAP.

Let us do your Google Analytics 4 set up!

As early adopters, we’ve already completed over 30 GA4 custom account setups, and are happy to relieve some stress and take it off your plate.

  • Set up packages start at $2,250
    • or get your GA4 property set up for free when you sign up for a year of digital marketing services
  • We’ve done eCommerce, Shopify, WordPress, custom events, video events, and more
  • You simply give us account access, tell us your priorities, and let us do the rest
Custom GA4 Set Up

Google Analytics 4 Vs. Universal Analytics: How are they different?

Google is promoting GA4 as a great update for making the tool entirely customizable. anything and everything you want to be tracked you can set up. Sounds great right?! All the flexibility you could have ever wanted.

The catch is that a lot of data you’ve gotten used to collecting and reviewing that came standard in the current Universal Analytics version doesn’t come set up for you in GA4.

You’ll need to set up the new GA4 property to individually track everything you want to know users are doing on your website. No more “turn-key” analytics here. Google is dropping a box of disassembled data tools at your feet and saying: make it what you want! Great, if you know how to put the tools together.

This is a mandatory upgrade, so if you don’t have your GA4 property up and running by now, you’ve probably noticed your Universal property stopped collecting data.

You Want To Upgrade To GA4 ASAP

You know how important clean data is for your organization. You use it to make decisions almost every day. You need to know that data is accurate or else you could be making the wrong decisions based on bad data.

This is why you want to get your Google Analytics 4 property fully set up and collecting data while Universal Analytics is still up and running. This way you can review and compare the data streams to find and fix discrepancies. This will be essential to ensure a continued and consistent comparison of the previous year’s performance, and to have clear, clean data to make informed decisions.

Identify which KPIs are already coming into GA4 (very few) and give yourself a long runway to identify all the pieces of your website you need custom tracking for.

Do you run Google Ads too? You’ll need to set up new conversion tracking from your ads to your GA4 property, and want enough time to work out any bugs.

Have us start working on your Google Analytics 4 account now.

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Google Analytics 4 Set Up And Training Package

Want someone to do it for you? We got you.

We’ve already completed more than 30 GA4 property setups with custom event tracking for our current partners. We stepped in the mud here so you don’t have to and already found ways around platform restrictions, like learning a workaround for iframe tracking (spoiler alert: GA4 can’t track iframes).

We’re monitoring the dual data streams and continually checking back to ensure conversion numbers match. That the same KPIs on our universal reports are being tracked in the new Analytics 4 property and identifying where, when, how, and why data for a specific metric differs between the two data streams.

GA4 Set up packages are a one-time fee and start at $2,250.

Want to try and set it up yourself? Here’s our step-by-step guide.

Our Base Package Includes:

  1. Onboarding and obtaining account access to your current Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google ads accounts, etc, and back-end access to your website (or partnering with your in-house development team).
  2. GA4 property creation.
  3. Review your website and current reporting to identify the reports and KPIs you currently use, to create the list of custom events that will need to be set up.
    • We will also be asking your team to provide us with a list of any additional events you’d like to be set up.
  4. Adding data streams as needed.
  5. Creation of up to 12 custom events in the Base package.
  6. Conversion set up.
  7. Quality assurance review.
  8. Overview and training of how to navigate and read your newly completed GA4 property.

Variables For Google Analytics 4 Set Up Packages

Package cost varies depending on the complexity and range of tracking setup your organization needs. The one-time fee can range depending on:

  • The total number of custom events that need to be set up
  • If your website is eCommerce or not (some additional complexities here)
  • If we’ll be doing the implementation work directly on the back end of your website or if we’re partnering with your in-house development team

Contact us for more information and specific package pricing for your organization.

Or get your Google Analytics 4 account setup for free when you sign on for a year of digital agency marketing services with us.

Get Ahead of the Game

It can be tempting to drag your feet on these kinds of updates, but it’s here now. Time to switch over. Don’t worry, we love this stuff and would be happy to do it for you.

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