Are Your Landing Pages Designed to Tempt Your Customers to Buy?

Are Your Landing Pages Designed to Tempt Your Customers to Buy?

You have no idea what the heck a landing page is? 

A landing page is a standalone web page that is designed for specific paid traffic campaigns (think Google Ads). Landing pages are all about converting (read: getting people to act now) through simplicity and audience customization.

If you think your online advertising is costing too much or not performing then you need targeted landing pages designed to convert.

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Your website could be “leaking”. This is when your audience gets distracted and wanders off your website and back into the interwebs without buying. 

But if you are paying for advertising like Pay-Per-Click ads or email marketing then you want your customer’s journey to lead someplace that provides answers to exactly what they’re looking for and persuades them to act.

Decision fatigue might be killing your marketing budget. 

We all have it. You go to a birthday party and discover the dessert table has 52 different kinds of desserts. A hazy feeling comes over your brain and after staring at the table for a while you finally walk away unable to make a decision. This is work our brain doesn’t want. So it doesn’t do it. (This actually has a name – Hick’s Law – so it is totally a real thing.)

Now imagine that same dessert table with one thing on it – a delicious cake. Landing pages are like a dessert table that only has cake. There are no other options for your customers. Just them and tasty cake. And they love it because they have no decisions to make.

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Optimized landing pages keep everything easy for your audience.

Your customers don’t have to think, “crap, I don’t know what to do here  . . . do I sign up on the email list? Do I call? Should I read their blog? . . . Ahh! I give up. I will come back later. I am going to go eat a piece of cake.”

Nope – your landing page is angst-free because the content is compelling and the call to action is clear.

And when your landing page is paired with Pay-Per-Click campaigns that know exactly what product or service your audience is seeking, then the experience is like writing a personalized message on your cake ← this makes your audience like you are reading their mind (which is good for your brand). 

This is how it goes: your audience was looking for something, they went to ye old search engine to find it and – Bam!- there your ad is (because Intuitive Digital gets you seen online). They click through and find a personalized landing page just for them with solutions to their problems. 

And who doesn’t love an easy, personalized experience that solves problems? It is pretty hard to resist.

They revamp our landing pages to keep them updated and relevant. The difference in our growth since we’ve started working together is truly night and day.

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Your ROI increases with landing page optimization that is created for your specific audience.

Improvement is the name of the game here. Digital marketing isn’t static. This isn’t a “set it and forget it” oven. Consumers are discerning. They are pretty sure you are trying to sell them something. The question is – are you going to sell them something that solves the problem they are trying to solve today? And do you make it easy for them to decide you are the answer they are seeking? 

Landing page optimization doesn’t come from prepackaged boxes. 

It comes from testing. Creating a mouthwatering, baked-from-scratch cake happens after baking a lot of cakes. Tweaking small ingredients. Adding a bit more. Taking things out. Putting things in. 

Intuitive Digital is a perfectionist when it comes to landing page design. We make sure you have all the right ingredients to tempt your audience to buy. 

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Intuitive Digital gathers data about you and your business, your brand, your audience and blends them into a landing page that encourages your people to act.

We continually test and analyze data so that each landing page fights decision fatigue and captures people’s interest.

Intuitive Digital’s Perfect Landing Page Design Recipe:

We Get to Know You

We develop the perfect optimization strategy by knowing your goals. Each landing page has a goal and we design with purpose.

We Chose the Right Ingredients

With expert landing page design knowledge we craft headlines, content, and calls-to-action that build trust and credibility in your brand.

We Make Sure it Works

We test, optimize, and retest. The easiest way to make money is to find out what people want. Testing finds out what people want and then we tweak your landing page to give it to them.

Our Landing Page Design Services Give Your Audience What They Need. 

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