Are Your Paid Social Media Ads Mingling with the Right People?

Are Your Paid Social Media Ads Mingling with the Right People?

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Businesses like a good party (really, who doesn’t?) But declining organic reach on social media is ruining the internet party for businesses. It has totally shut down, padlocked the doors, closed the blinds and moved out all the furniture. You just aren’t showing up in people’s feeds. 

Stay calm. All is not lost. To survive the loss of organic reach you are going to have to send out invites to your own cocktail party with paid social media ads. 

But if not managed correctly your social media ads will become like those insidious people who come to a party and talk non-stop while eating all the cocktail shrimp and draining the best wine – they suck up your money, time and energy (and are super annoying).

You can’t just throw together a paid social media strategy on a yellow pad. 

It’s time to hire a party planner that knows how to get the best ROI with paid social. 

More than 2 billion people use social media every day. The average person spends 135 minutes a day on social networks. These people are talking about what they are doing, who they are and trying to discover who they want to be. 

Paid social media ads help you mingle and network. Shouting to a bunch of online strangers – BUY MY PRODUCT! – is not a good paid social media ad strategy. You wouldn’t do that at your aunt’s Crumpets and Croquet party so you shouldn’t do it here.

Paid social ads are designed to connect users with things they’ll love but never knew existed. How do you know if you will love that brilliant new music streaming service if you don’t know they are there? You need to be introduced or you will never find it. Paid social ads make those introductions.

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You can’t be at every party bash in the world so which social networks should you be on?

To find out where you should be online you need to define your social media audience.

The number one rule to finding the place your passionate fans hang out is to know your audience. If your ideal customer is 50+ then Facebook is the place you want to be. But if your customer is 15 to 35 then you want to be on Instagram. Want to target CEOs? LinkedIn. Are your customers young, educated and international? Twitter.

Success at paid social media campaigns requires a detailed party plan (like most things in life, really). This will help you sustain your paid social ROI with less swearing and crying (no judgment from us).

Intuitive Digital has anxiety-reducing tips for your paid social media strategies.

Facebook Ads Get the Conversation Started

Most people think of Facebook when they think of paid social ads. And for good reason – more than 2.2 billion people are on Facebook. These people have joined the fiesta to tell the world who they are. And Facebook is very good at listening. 

With Facebook’s micro-targeting you can reach an audience based on demographics, interests, location, and behaviors. Your customer persona (you do have one of those, right?) is ready to shine like a bedazzled tiara.

Facebook has a variety of different ad types that can help you get the attention you want.

Your objective will determine which ad is going to serve you the best. (Feeling overwhelmed, yet?) We can help find the best solution.

  • Photo Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Slideshow Ads
  • Collection Ads
  • Instant Experience Ads
  • Lead Ads
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Messenger Ads
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Facebook ads aren’t what they used to be — you have to be smart and subtle. Focus on what is important for you and your audience.

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You probably have discovered, if you have run Facebook ads for any length of time, that your ads are not performing the way they used to. You aren’t alone. 

The massive growth of Facebook ads has made it difficult for a beginner to manage them correctly. You must constantly be keeping up with changing algorithms and performance indicators (data, always keep following the data).

Because people are constantly on the move, your strategies need to include creative ads that can be viewed on whatever device they are using (hint: it is probably a phone). 

Intuitive Digital’s expert social media team has the tools to plan your strategy and design creative ads that will attract the right kind of attention.

…the social marketing channels have experienced an 84% increase in conversions and a 28% reduction in cost per conversion.

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Dazzle Your Social Media Audience with Instagram Ads

One billion people use Instagram every month. This is the guest everybody wants to be introduced to at the party. Instagram, just in case you have been stranded alone on a small tropical island for the past several years, is a visual storytelling medium that younger audiences have embraced with enthusiasm. 

Here you need to dress to impress. Instagram is especially great for selling products with great visuals so don’t come to this party with holes in your tights. You need professional images to be paired with accurate targeting and effective optimizations to keep conversions cost at a healthy ROI. 

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The engagement rate of Instagram is higher than both Facebook and Twitter. 

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Instagram ads are integrated into Facebook Ad Manager making it handy to build and manage your Facebook and Instagram ads in one place.

Instagram offers 5 ad types:

  • Stories ads
  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Collection ads

We’ll set your ad up based on your goals – awareness, reach, traffic to your website, app installation, engagement, video views or conversions. Once we pick your audience demographics we determine the best placement. Then ad creation! We keep optimizing so that everything runs with the best return. 

LinkedIn Ads Talk to Business Professionals 

Are you a business who markets to other business professionals? Then LinkedIn is your place to mix drinks and eat tiny appetizers. LinkedIn has more than 500 million users with 100 million of those in decision-making positions within their company. 

LinkedIn is a B2B gold mine that is worth putting in the effort. 

Do you write blogs and content for businesses? Then you definitely should be posting and creating ads on LinkedIn. More than half of all social media traffic to B2B sites comes from LinkedIn. It is also the place more executives say they go to find quality content (and that content gets more than 9 billion impressions a week).

LinkedIn has grown it’s ad targeting options. Like any marketing, you need to think about who your customer is and how aware they are of your brand when you are looking for which type of ad to use. 

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Connect to Real Humans with Twitter Ads 

Twitter has a great party going. Twitter is a big conversation and paid ads get your business in front of people who don’t know about you yet. This is great for building new leads for your business. 

Intuitive will help you decide what your objective is: awareness, new followers, website traffic, engagement. Pick your audience. Plan your budget and pick quality tweets that are highly engaging. We keep an eye on your ads, making sure they are running with the best ROI. 

Work the Room with Your Social Media Ad Goals in Mind

Coming to social media ads with goals is key to finding the best place to put your marketing time and money. Hire a planner for this party so you don’t end up buying decorations before you have a plan on where they will go and what their purpose is.

Decide what is important for your business and find the social media platform that will get you there. 

Intuitive Digital will help you develop attainable goals with your paid social campaigns. Success at social media ads is about sustainability. Making a grand entrance but then disappearing into the corner behind the potted plant will do very little good for your social life (online or in the real world). 

Every successful paid social media ad campaign begins with planning before your ad even hits the internet. 

Intuitive Digital paid social media planning will help you relax so you can enjoy your business. We have the expertise to:

Find the best social media platform for your business

Target the right people with social media ads

Create appealing ads that engage your audience

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