PPC & Paid Social Marketing During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

PPC & Paid Social Marketing During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

PPC Strategy To Deal With Coronavirus Craziness

Everyone except essential workers is home trying to work remotely, watching their kids, binging Netflix and spending way more time online than they used to. So even if you’ve never done online ads before, or don’t think your business would normally need that, now might be the time to consider PPC advertising during the coronavirus. 

Under normal circumstances, we have a thorough process to ensure marketing success. We know that takes more time than you have right now, you need to increase online orders asap, increase brand awareness, grow your membership subscriptions and more. 

You need ads running as soon as possible. But what is even more essential is that you need those ads to be well-targeted and effectively written to pull in clicks. We know that every penny counts, and having an expert team craft and manage your ads is the best way to get the most value of your advertising dollars.

Intuitive’s Pay-Per-Click Services during Covid-19

Many companies are pulling out of ad auctions right now, so your industry might be less competitive, or clicks may be less expensive than usual. We know how to advertise your business on Facebook and Google which we can roll out in steps, quickly. So you still get thoughtful effective marketing strategies put together by award-winning digital strategists, but they’re up and running as soon as possible.  

Is there a caveat? Yes, our ability to meet truncated timelines depends on your open and timely partnership. The faster you can get us access to your accounts, and answers to key questions the sooner all of this work can move forward. 

Phase 1: Quick Research and Strategy (weeks 1-2)

Taking the time to do our research and think things through before we dive in headfirst to work is how we create thoughtful strategies that can help you reach your business goals. We want to make sure we’re all on the same page, and agree on how to get where we’re going. The best way to do that is to know where you currently stand. What are your immediate business needs and concerns? Where can we make the biggest impact? 

The timeline officially starts once we’ve had our project kickoff meeting together. 

We’ll get started with a quick look at these:

  • PPC Keyword Research & Budget Recommendations
  • Google Merchant Center Review
  • Facebook Research & Budget Recommendations
  • Brief Competition Analysis
  • Landing Page and Existing Assets Analysis
  • Strategy and Recommendations Outline

Phase 2: Build and Begin Rolling Campaigns Launch (weeks 3-4)

We’ve all agreed on a strategy. We know your priorities and have outlined which campaigns we need to build and in what order. To get ads up and running as fast as possible we’ll plan on building and launching your first campaign during weeks 3 and 4. From there we’ll continue to build and launch ads in the coming weeks. 

Depending on phase 1 strategy, campaign building might include:

  • Tracking and conversions set up
  • Ad group creation
  • Build remarketing audiences
  • Write ads and create ad extensions
  • Ad and landing page design
  • Merchant center optimization 
  • Build audiences

You’ll need to review and approve items like ad content, keywords, audiences, and designs. Once everything’s had your seal of approval we’ll start launching your PPC & Paid Social campaigns.

Phase 3: Rolling Launch Continued & Accelerate Work (Weeks 4+)

We’ll continue building and launching campaigns based on our rolling schedule. Campaigns that are already live will move into ongoing optimization work. This is where we focus on increasing clicks, bringing in leads and lowering the cost per sale. 

The specific work we do in this phase will be determined in the strategy phase but includes stuff like: PPC optimization work for locations, audiences, search terms, and cost per click while running tests and evaluating performance.  And then running more tests, and landing page optimizations.

PPC Advertising During Coronavirus: Timeline and Costs

We’re trying to be as flexible as possible. If you only want to do a few months of work, or until the shelter-in-place order is lifted we can make that work! 

Management costs will be based on the work you need (more campaigns and more platforms will be more expensive), and once ads are live you will need to pay for your ad costs directly to Google, Facebook, or Microsoft. 

This is all a bit in-flux so let’s chat about what your budget is, what your business needs are and we’ll try to put together a plan that works for you.