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PPC Management Is A Full-Time Job

Just like a growing garden, pay-per-click campaigns need attention, diligence, and support to flourish. Partnering with Intuitive Digital gives you access to a team of gardeners a.k.a. PPC experts who know just what to do to help your business grow.

Give your PPC ad campaign some love by letting our experts take the reins and help your ads drive more leads, bring in more website traffic, and generate more long-term customers.

Our team is committed to growing your business and keeping your PPC garden healthy. We are attentive and creative problem solvers, who are constantly looking for ways to improve your account performance by testing, optimizing, and re-testing.

Are your ads looking for bees but only attracting butterflies? We craft engaging and compelling responsive search and display ads that get clicks and ensure you are targeting the right users.

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Pay-Per-Click Campaigns Are A Fast Way to Get Results

A blooming marketing garden does not happen overnight. Marketing strategies like SEO, website development, email marketing and marketing automation take 3-6 months to strategize, set up and implement. However, paid search campaigns can be strategized, executed, and launched in just 2 months with our PPC experts.

PPC campaigns are also a proven way to get qualified leads. With PPC ads, you have the opportunity to serve ads to people who are searching specifically for your products and services on Google or Bing, and are already in the consideration phase of their user journey. The stats don’t lie:

  • 76% of people who conducted a local search on their phone visited a store within 24 hours and 28% of those searches resulted in a purchase.
  • 49% of shoppers say Google is how they discover new products.
  • Bing owns 36% of the desktop search market in the U.S.

Our Experts Craft PPC Campaigns That Drive Quality Leads

Our team of dedicated and trusted paid search experts knows just what to do to transform your account into a profitable leads generator.

Examine The Soil

Before you can plant the seeds, you have to know what kind of soil you’re working with. We ask questions and listen to your pain points, problems and concerns. We dive deep into the account and review all of your historical data and complete a competitor analysis, audience research, and a conversion tracking audit. Our top priority is understanding your business, your competition, and your customers.

Plant The Seeds

We execute a robust PPC strategy that includes targeting keywords, setting up new campaigns, designing new ad creative, and building new landing pages. We devise long-term strategies (we love it when a plan comes together!) based on your business identity and your real customers (that’s research).

Tend The Weeds And Find New Pollinators

We diligently optimize, refresh and enhance your PPC ads. We keep an eye out for new cutting-edge strategies and adjust to Google’s constant algorithm changes. We optimize your bid strategies and keep you ahead of your competition.

Measure Growth And Plan For What’s Next

We keep you in the loop with detailed and easy to understand reporting that tells you exactly what is happening with your website traffic and your customers’ journeys. Then, we provide clear and comprehensive recommendations for what to do next. Have questions? Our experts are just a phone call away.

Keep Growing

We know that things in the PPC world are always changing. But we love the challenge of keeping your account ahead of the curve! We keep on top of all the latest PPC ad management best practices so your ad budget is working in the right places for your long term goals.

Conversion Rate Optimization Is Our Bread And Butter

Every ad click is an opportunity for people to learn more about your brand, discover your unique selling points and become customers. Every interaction between the home page and check out is an important step in the customer journey. We capitalize on every opportunity and enhance your campaigns with conversion rate optimization.

Conversion rate optimization is getting your marketing budget to work smarter not harder!

Bottom Line — Grow your business with Intuitive Digital’s Pay-Per-Click experts.

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The difference in our growth since we’ve started working together is truly night and day.

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Upgrade Your Digital Marketing With More Nimble Strategies

Bring in services like Landing Pages, Website Design and SEO Services. Mixing these all together is like a perfect blend of fertilizer that spruces up your marketing garden, nurtures your potential customers, and gets them ready to buy.

No-fuss, no confusion. Your customers know who you are and what you do because you are providing a great experience across every medium. Happy partners and happy customers is what makes us happiest.

Transform Your Paid Media Campaigns With Intuitive Digital

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