Are you using the “build it and they will come” philosophy to your Pay-Per-Click Management?

Are you using the “build it and they will come” philosophy to your Pay-Per-Click Management?

Just build it and they will come, they said. Paid Media (also known as Pay-Per-Click or PPC) ads are easy, they said. These mysterious people – so full of unsolicited advice – didn’t tell you that you needed to do a little bit more than throw money at Google Ads (actually quite a bit more).  

We get that your PPC management struggle is real. 

As a multiple-hat-wearer, we get that you only have time to focus on ad optimization once in a while. 

But how’s that PPC management strategy working for you?

Paid Media is not a “set it and forget it” kind of marketing. 

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Neglecting your Paid Media campaign management is only going to get you some no good, very bad click-through-rates that you will be paying a lot of money for.

You need to give your PPC ad campaign some love (read: testing, optimizing, re-testing) so you can craft your Paid Media ads with quality elements that make search engines happy, showing them to the right users and not burning through your budget without getting sales). 

But maybe you like burning money (pro tip: there are more fun ways to burn through your money – like a trip to that exclusive resort in the Caribbean – but hey, you do you). 

While the idea of Pay-Per-Click ads is simple, the actual execution is anything but simple. And that is probably why your Paid Media campaign isn’t getting you the ROI you had been hoping for.

Don’t get us wrong.

Paid Media services are the number one best way to start getting immediate results.

But if you want those results to come at the lowest cost then you need experts on the job. 

Like that high school chemistry experiment (you know the one – it had all the fire and scarily reactive chemicals), it can go terribly wrong if you don’t know how to put the key ingredients into your PPC campaign. And you might not even be putting your ads on the right platform for your audience – should you be on Bing or Facebook instead?

Intuitive Digital is the cool chem teacher that won’t let you blow up your marketing budget on things that aren’t working. 

As your trusted expert, Intuitive Digital helps you focus your Pay-Per-Click campaigns on what really matters so quality leads come rolling in.  

Your Paid Media campaign is for people, right? 

People have psychology – lots and lots of psychology happening. Emotions are all over the place. Buyers make emotional choices and you need to know why they make their decisions. Then you take that psychological elixir and turn it into gold when creating your ads. 

Intuitive Digital’s PPC Ad Management Science:


We ask questions and listen (really listen). We do background research. Knowing your business, your competition, and your customers are key elements for creating compelling ads targeted to your audience with quality keywords (psychology!)


We don’t guess or chase wild hair ideas. None of this “it’s the way we have always done it” marketing strategy here.  We build long-term strategies (we love it when a plan comes together!) based on your business identity and your real customers (that’s research).


We don’t just set it and forget your PPC ads. We keep testing for ad optimization that keeps you ahead of your competitors (and within budget – cuz burning money is only cool on tv).


We keep you in the loop with detailed analytics reports that tell you what is happening and what steps we recommend next. Have questions? Our experts are just a phone call away. 

Test Some More

We know that things are always changing (search engine companies just can’t help themselves). We keep on top of all the latest PPC ad management science so your ad budget is working in the right places for your long term goals. 

For best results add Conversion Rate Optimization (or CRO) to your master Paid Media services plan. 

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What’s that you say? 

Conversion Rate Optimization is the elemental ingredient you never knew you needed.

You don’t want to lose clients between the home page and check out.  Every time a potential customer comes to your site is an opportunity – one that gives you valuable info about your people so you can convert more clickers into buyers. 

So to put this simply: If a 100 people visited your site would you rather have 1 or 10 convert (read: buy what you are selling)? 

This may be going out on a limb here but we are going to guess 10. And we are going to guess that you would rather not spend more money getting those 10 to convert. Yes? Alrighty then.

Conversion rate optimization is getting your marketing budget to work smarter not harder! 

Bottom Line — Grow your business with Intuitive Digital’s Pay-Per-Click Chemistry.

The difference in our growth since we’ve started working together is truly night and day.

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Want even more amazing business growth chemistry? 

Bring in services like Landing Pages, Website Design and SEO Services. Mixing these all together is like creating a chemical super serum that cuts out distractions and gets your potential customer to the right place to make a decision. 

No-fuss, no confusion. They know who you are and what you do because you are providing a great experience in all the places. You look good. And that makes search engines happy so they send people to you. Perfect chemistry.

Are you ready to stop burning money and get an expert to transform your Paid Media Campaigns? 

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