Is Your Website Putting Money in Your Pocket?

Is Your Website Putting Money in Your Pocket?

Your SEO has been executed. Your PPC ads are up and running. All systems are a go. Time for the magic to happen. Any minute now customers will be calling, ready to buy. . .and then . . . . they hit your website.

And your interested audience just disappeared into the misty internet never to be heard from again. 

Your website is losing you customers.

Intuitive Digital’s Web Development Team will help you bring them back.

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Let’s be honest – all design is not created equal… are you expecting a miracle out of your bargain website?

Really, when you were searching web designers weren’t you (deep, deep down) looking for a friend that would tell you some hard truths?

Intuitive Digital is that friend.

Like those jeans that you love because they were a $9 thrift store bargain but sag in the butt and make you look, well . . . “older”, your website doesn’t look good on you. 

We aren’t going to sugar coat it – your website design needs some tender loving care. It may not be a hot mess, but it isn’t hitting your target audience and that is a problem. 

And like those bargain jeans – you get what you pay for. 

Your website isn’t built for growth. You are lagging behind your competitors (admit it – you kind of secretly like your competitors’ website better). And you are spending way too much time trying to figure this out.  (Unless you really love spending your free time reading books on website design and development. We applaud you.)

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The final product surpassed all of our expectations, and we are very happy with our website. We would recommend Intuitive Digital wholeheartedly without hesitation!

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The Batrakova Law Office

Intuitive Digital is hard-wired to find the web design solutions that bring you happiness. 

That means that Intuitive Digital will help you look good. Really good.

And when you look good – like, sexy, rock star good – your almost fans (read: target market) will want to hang out, spend some time wandering your website, and then. . . buy whatever you are selling.  

Think of us like your personal stylist  – we help you shape your online image, so you can walk the red carpet to successful business growth. (And we have fun doing it. Who said professionals can’t have fun, too?)

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So for all you note takers out there, here’s a recap  – Intuitive Digital’s Web Development Team:

  • Helps you reach your goals (because your future is important)
  • Helps you not lose business (because you are designed for growth)
  • Makes digital marketing simple (and fun!)
  • Saves you time (so you can get back to doing the things you do best)

Our web design process is simple:

We Listen.

You have goals. We talk with you about where you want to go and what your website needs to do. Who are your customers? What do they care about? What does your web design need to look like? We dig in deep to who you are, collaborating with you. And then you show off your website knowing you look your best.

We Strategize.

We walk you through each decision so you can take your business into the future → (Growth! Profits!) Digital marketing has a lot of moving parts — branding, graphic design, conversion optimization, keywords, landing pages – the list is bigger than Lady Gaga’s wardrobe. We tie all the pieces together to make your website a lead-generating machine → (Growth! Profits!)

We Create.

We get creative (our favorite!) and build you a website that makes a great first impression anywhere – mobile, desktop, laptop, tablet – and converts browsers into buyers. We tell the story of your brand, hanging up just the right things on the front end and making sure everything on the back end (← web development speak) works right. Beautifully simple web design that connects you with your market.

We Grow Your Business.

Need an E-Commerce website. Check. Need shopping carts that work flawlessly for both you and your customers? On it. Need ongoing website maintenance for your new fabulous online space? We got that, too.(Because, like a rock star, maintaining all that beauty doesn’t come without some work.) Peace-of-mind. It is such a nice feeling to be able to walk outside knowing you look good and your friend has got your back.

Get out of your bargain jeans and into rockstar leather pants – or a red-carpet gown – it’s up to you.

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