Friendly House

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Meet the Partner

Friendly House is a non-profit community and social services center in NW Portland.


Friendly House serves a huge demographic range through all of the community work and services they provide across Portland. From children to senior citizens and LGBTQ+, we were tasked with designing a website that is inclusive and resonates with each audience they serve.

Friendly House screenshot
Friendly House screenshot

Game Plan

In order to ensure the website is inclusive to all audiences, we thought through user flows (how people might use the site) before developing and designing the site. We determined the top navigation names in a way that would be the most relatable and inviting – “For Kids” and “For Community”. Previously, these navigation menus were reflective of the internal program names.

How We Did It!

A non-profit in our community, we wanted to give back to this organization and help keep costs low through their website project. Friendly House wrote their own website copy (which ultimately helped give their site a more relatable personality for their diverse audience!), we found creative ways to develop the site on the back end to keep costs low, and we donated our SEO services to accompany the launch of the site.

Friendly House invested in professional photography, which is displayed across the website. This investment went a long way in terms of creating a website that is inviting and relatable to their audience. Now, their community “see themselves” on the website.

A central piece of Friendly House’s website requirements was an easy-to-use calendar that displays upcoming events on the website. We found a calendar plug-in that allows site visitors to filter events by their interests, rather than combing through the many events Friendly House has planned at one time.

Friendly House screenshot
Friendly House screenshot


In March 2020, we launched Friendly Houses’ website. We accomplished our task of designing a website that is truly friendly, warm and relatable, while keeping costs down. We trained the staff on how to use the calendar, so they have ownership over creating events and how to display them on the site.

In addition to thinking about relatable design for a large demographic, we also tackled accessibility for those with disabilities while designing and developing the website.

At Intuitive Digital, we are proud to be a part of that community and to have the opportunity to deliver a website that works for them.

Intuitive Digital was a joy to work with and the end result was just what we wanted! They took the time to really learn about our programs and service to ensure our site was well mapped out, and well, intuitive for our users. The quality of the work, responsiveness of the staff, and commitment to creating exactly what we needed was incredible. Thank you for designing a site we are proud of.

Monique Eldridge
Director of Development and Marketing

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