Hearth & Home Midwifery

Meet the Partner

Hearth & Home Midwifery is a midwife service provider based in Portland, Oregon. They offer a comprehensive range of services to expecting families, including support throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Their team is dedicated to providing personalized and informed care to their clients and is a trusted resource in the childbirth community. They also provide an engaging online course and podcast to further educate and support expecting families.


The midwives contacted us back in 2022, expressing dissatisfaction with their previous agency’s performance. They were looking for quality SEO services and Web support, but most importantly, an agency that could proactively manage their account and improve their organic results. Their secondary goal was to expand their online childbirth education course to generate passive income. This would enable them to focus on their core responsibilities as full-time midwives.

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How We Did It


We started by completing a comprehensive audit of their website, revealing a solid foundation with some SEO best practices in place. However, opportunities for improvement were identified across technical and local SEO, user experience (UX), and content consistency. Despite decent domain authority and quality backlinks, we uncovered a variety of changes that needed to be made to elevate performance.

We devised a strategy to implement technical SEO optimizations and leverage their Google Business Profile for local visibility. Blog content revitalization and UX enhancements were also prioritized to increase engagement and drive conversions.


In the Execute phase, our actions were precise and targeted. We fine-tuned their Search Console account, seamlessly integrating UTM parameters to enrich tracking capabilities. Simultaneously, we enhanced conversion tracking by implementing Click-to-Email functionality on their website.

Delving deeper, we meticulously refined their Google Analytics goals, leveraging keyword insights to optimize our content. Embarking on technical SEO optimizations, we laid the groundwork for sustained growth by crafting a strategic content calendar for consistent blog publication.


As our partnership evolved, we refined our approach to integrate SEO and web development strategies seamlessly. Our unwavering focus on content creation included consistently delivering monthly blogs to fortify keyword rankings and enhance website relevance.

We streamlined the website’s structure to optimize the user experience and conversion rate optimization (CRO), ensuring intuitive navigation and easy access to crucial information. Technical SEO enhancements, including title tag and meta description updates, further elevated visibility in search engine results. 

On the web development front, we prioritized mobile optimization for universal accessibility and conducted a comprehensive cleanup for brand coherence. Revamping the Podcast page and introducing a user-friendly pop-up to boost traffic were pivotal. Finally, changes on the home and services pages were implemented to maximize effectiveness. 

SEO by the numbers

Our focus on UX and SEO yielded impressive outcomes. We’ve significantly increased keyword rankings by publishing SEO-optimized content and refining website copy. Compared to April 2023, the website now ranks for 1,060 more keywords, showcasing the effectiveness of consistent blogging efforts in attracting a broader audience and driving engagement.

We’ve witnessed a substantial surge in traffic, leading to more client inquiries looking for midwifery services. Over the last 6 months (September 2023 – April 2024), conversions have spiked by an impressive 120%, with 505 conversions compared to 230 in the previous period. Website sessions have remained consistently high, totaling 42,717 recorded sessions.


Increase in Conversions


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Increase in Ranked Keywords YoY

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The End Result

Our partnership has led to tangible improvements in their online presence and client inquiries. We’ve effectively addressed their initial concerns by implementing our strategic SEO and web development efforts. Organic conversions have surged, and their website is now full of high-performing content that resonates with their target audience.

But don’t just take our word for it! Hear what they have to say:

We’ve been incredibly pleased with Intuitive Digital. Their communication is prompt and thorough, their attention to detail on our account is obvious, and we’ve seen major improvements in all the areas we hired them for. We left another firm for Intuitive after not getting the results we really needed, and our business has been improved dramatically thanks to Intuitive’s work. We highly recommend the team!

Sarah McClure and Charli Zarosinski
Hearth & Home Midwifery

Our Thoughts

Intuitive Team Member Haley Patton

“This is one of my favorite accounts to work on! We have worked closely together to bring their website to a place where they not only enjoy it but also perform well in the SERPs.

It’s a win-win situation for both of us, and I’m excited to see what we can accomplish next.”

— Haley

Intuitive Team Member Piper Denney

“Hearth and Home are great folks to work with, and I always learn something new while I’m working on their websites. I look forward to future projects together!” 

— Piper

Intuitive Team Member Jess Chang

— Jess

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