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Meet the Partner

HeatMasterSS sells best-in-class boilers and biomass furnaces to maximize energy efficiency, and offers the industry’s highest level of quality, convenience and lifetime support.

What We Did

Our strategy was to build out tactical campaigns at each stage of the conversion funnel, ensuring broad coverage across buyers in the awareness, consideration, and conversion stages. Our comprehensive approach included awareness campaigns (YouTube, Display), consideration campaigns (Google Search and Branded), and conversion campaigns (Remarketing).

We also added specific campaigns broken out by product type to ensure that each ad and landing page was relevant for the target audiences. The diversity of platforms and campaign types was selected with HeatMasterSS’s target audience in mind and with their customers’ purchase behavior taken into account.

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We organized their current Google Ads account to ensure search intent was met with highly relevant ads and landing pages. In addition, we did the following:

  • rewrote ad copy and extensions
  • created all new responsive search ads
  • added advanced audiences
  • created 66 new display ads
  • repurposed existing videos to help create 8 new YouTube ads for awareness and reach
  • implemented bid adjustments to optimize performance

The existing Facebook Ads account needed a tighter account structure, so we developed new awareness and conversion campaigns with refreshed creative. We also set up an all new Microsoft Ads account with new audiences, keywords, ad copy, and targeting.

We recommended building customized landing pages with clear value propositions and focused on driving customers to fill out a “contact us” form or “contact a dealer directly” to improve conversion rates. We delivered two new mobile-optimized landing pages – one “Contact Us” form and a “Find a Dealer” form. Intuitive Digital A/B tested the new landing pages against the current website to ensure optimal user experience.

When it came to SEO, our audit turned up some great opportunities for improvement around keyword strategy and how to rebuild lost keyword rankings. The strategy we laid out and implemented centered around robust content creation and organization, strategic blogging and resource creation, individual pages for each model, and a gateway for product dealers.


HeatMasterSS has a superior product and killer sales team, so they know how to close leads – our job was just to get them more! We set out to meet our partner’s goal of increased customer and dealer leads. We doubled down on that goal for dealer leads, and nearly tripled the goal for customer leads.

This meant three things for the business:

  1. More potential customers are learning who HeatMasterSS is and the quality products they offer.
  2. Those customers are purchasing through the company dealers or contacting HM directly for assistance in purchasing.
  3. Interested dealers are contacting HM to sell their products
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Google Ads Conversions Increase


Google Ads Cost Per Conversion Decrease


Facebook Ads Conversions Increase


Facebook Ads Cost Per Conversion Decrease

An Award Winning Campaign

Intuitive Digital won a 2021 US Search Award as a result of our work with HeatMasterSS.

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I’ve personally had a great time getting to know Intuitive Digital’s team. They have a wealth of knowledge and professionalism, but what impressed me the most was their consistent and reliable communication and organization of my accounts. A well oiled machine, and a great team of people.

Drew F, Marketing Manager

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