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Meet the Partner

JSE Labs is one of the few fully accredited NVLAP hazardous material testing labs in the Portland, OR area. JSE works with general contractors and residential homeowners to provide fast and reliable testing services for asbestos, mold, and lead.

What We Did

JSE came to us with an outdated website and in need of a greater online presence. A majority of their customers were general contractors arriving through word-of-mouth and local online directories. Residential customers were finding it difficult to find them and services had stagnated.

We were excited to work with a partner that was uniquely poised to grow into an untapped local market. We knew a beautifully designed website, that was effortlessly functional, and mobile-first was exactly what they needed to bring in all those new residential customers.

But first, we had to address their dated logo. The old logo on a new site wouldn’t work and our team worked with JSE to define their new brand with a new, modern take on their old logo style.

Getting started on the site structure and content, our SEO team got to work digging into the data and conducting research for local SEO opportunities. Keyword rich content was created with brand personas in mind to be compelling and user-friendly (and Google-friendly). The team worked with the experts at JSE to make sure our copy not only included the science and jargon of hazmat testing, but was written in a way that was easy to understand, and readable to everyone.

Our web and design team worked seamlessly with the folks at JSE and our SEO team to develop a web strategy, create a design concept, and get updated photos to make sure every part of the website was modern and easy to use.

Don’t you just love cross-team collaboration?


The end result was a website that JSE loved, and a foundation for their business to take off. We crafted an on-site experience that kept visitors engaged and served up content in an easily digestible way– all with conversions in mind. Analytics and goal tracking were then set up by the SEOs upon site launch to track user behavior on site, monitor organic traffic coming in, and ensure visitors were completing goals.

Trust was key in this partnership. Our strategy was clear, and once executed, JSE let us loose in the ongoing process, leading to continued growth in traffic and goal completions post-launch.

JSE’s site debuted in August of 2018 and has been on a steady organic growth trajectory, continually ranking high in the results for both branded and non-branded terms, all while converting at a whopping 18%.

JSE has enjoyed the hands-off approach to our partnership, allowing us to do what we do best, while they focus on their day-to-day. The kind of partnership built through trust (and a kick-ass ROI).

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