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Meet The Partner

Portland Piano company is the Northwest’s premier piano store with over 75 years of experience. They offer a wide selection of premium new and used pianos for sale, as well as piano tuning and restoration, piano event rentals and selling/consigning services.

Portland Piano Website Design

What We Did

Portland Piano has been a staple in the Portland music community for years. But with consumer behavior changing to a majority of people wanting to do research online and browse at home before they buy, Portland Piano was finding their foot traffic dwindling and sales stagnating.

The solution for Portland Piano was clear – a gorgeous new website that made it easy for piano enthusiasts to browse the vast selection of piano inventory utilizing product filters, strong visuals and easy navigation. Each individual piano, while not available to purchase online, has a call to action that will allow the customer to complete a form for that individual product.

Our web team worked hand-in-hand with our SEO team to ensure all the new content was not only engaging but SEO optimized to maintain the website’s ranking and authority. Our PPC team updated their ad campaigns to reflect the new look of the site and maintain Portland Piano’s brand voice and images across all channels.


The post-launch results were immediate! After also moving out of their downtown location they were concerned the results would be a  huge drop in sales, however now that piano players could browse the website like the store, looking at the pianos close up, filtering by brand, price, or style, and reviewing feature details we saw huge increases in site traffic and page views. These immediately turned into increased sales over the phone and in the store. After 2 months of the new site launching, website sessions increased by 57%, page views and product browsing increased by 111%, and online conversion rate compared to the old site improved by 233%.

Since then, we’ve been keeping forward momentum by continuing our SEO and PPC efforts. We maintain on-site and off-site optimizations to ensure Portland Piano’s presence stays strong in organic search results. We use pay-per-click techniques to bring in qualified customers ready to purchase. When adding new product lines the SEO and PPC teams work together to develop optimized website content for search and supporting ads to bring in quality traffic. We also run successful Black Friday integrated SEO, PPC, and Web Campaigns for record sales days.

At the beginning of 2022, after many years of successful partnership the partner decided to move their marketing in-house.

Portland Piano Website Design

By The Numbers

In addition to the organic performance, Portland Piano Company owned the PPC auction with a limited budget.


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in goal completionss


Increase in conversion rate


CPA ranges depending on product

The Intuitive Digital team is absolutely outstanding! Their attention to detail, the professional way they conduct business and the creative way they think outside the box has had a huge impact on our business. Not only is our company thrilled with the SEO services they provide, since their completion of our new website a couple of months ago, our website traffic has increased by 200%, resulting in a significant increase in sales.

Brenda Kell
Portland Piano Company

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