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Meet The Partner

The Rebuilding Center works to provide access to affordable building materials, teach skills for home repair and building, and reduce the number of materials that go into landfills—diverting over 1,800 tons per year.


The Challenge

The Rebuilding Center needed to better connect their main services to their mission, help users find them online, and once there, help them find what they needed. The old site navigation was confusing so we changed it, and at the same time updated the homepage layout so it was easy to find classes, donate materials, or get their hours of operation.

What We Did

We got their site’s SEO up to snuff with updated keywords, titles and metas to improve organic rankings and traffic = more building materials collected and reused.. We implemented goal tracking so they could measure their various marketing efforts online. We did tons of citation cleanup as they had a variety of business names over many online listings.

Lastly, we helped them secure a Google Grant account getting them much needed paid advertising dollars. We built out the campaigns and ads and trained them how to maintain it on their own.

The new site we designed looks modern and clean, sporting a Cape Cod feel that the inn owners were looking for with a white, blue and sand color palette. We made the site mobile friendly and restructured the navigation to improve user experience across the board.


An improved user experience on their website saw increases in goal completions, page views and a drop in bounce rate. A consistent online brand presence increased organic traffic and their SERP rankings and authority. They were finally able to clearly track their digital marketing efforts, as well as increase their advertising efforts through the Google Grant. Their new understanding and framework for successful digital marketing, with new tools and skills will build on our work over the coming years.

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Increased ranking keywords from 3,244 to 5,409 a year later with an increase of 50 keywords in the top 3 positions


Secured monthly Google Ad money with Google Grants


Increase in referring pages


Increase in organic traffic

They quickly understood our organization and how to improve our online marketing. They took our goals and translated them into effective SEO, keywords, and names. They were willing to work with us, despite our inexperience, and made it easy to understand their plans and objectives. For the first time in our history, we have targeted marketing, campaigns, and branding.

Kelly Stevens, Acting Executive Director
Rebuilding Center

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