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Meet the Partner

Summit Learning Charter is a free online public school in Oregon.

They lead the industry, specializing in K-12 virtual education blended with real-life enrichment and dual credit college programs.

Summit aims to empower every learner with challenging, innovative, and personalized education.


In January 2021, Summit Learning Charter partnered with us to revamp their Google Ads account and improve their SEO, aiming to enhance their digital presence and support enrollment for grades 6-12.

With the rising popularity of online charter schools post-pandemic, Summit faced increasing competition, necessitating a strategic and affordable digital marketing approach.

Conversion Rate Optimization Graphic

How We Did It


Addressing Summit Learning Charter’s enrollment goals, our team crafted a holistic strategy to optimize its digital impact. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive overhaul, we reconstructed their Google Ads account with meticulous attention to conversion tracking, ad copy, and creative elements. 

Additionally, we implemented a dynamic blogging strategy with a meticulous selection of topics centered around driving enrollment growth and informational resources for parents and students. 

Extensive research and historical data analysis underscored the importance of maintaining a continuous online presence. Demonstrating the value of sustained visibility, we showcased how this approach not only preserved Summit’s search impression share but capitalized on leads during periods when competitors weren’t actively advertising. We implemented a year-round approach to paid media, deviating from the previous practice of concentrating efforts solely during the enrollment period (April- September).


Excited to rise to the occasion, we got to work on a ground-up reconstruction of Summit Learning Charter’s Google Ads account.

Our approach involved implementing proper conversion tracking, and refreshing ad copy, extensions, and creative elements.

Recognizing the need to cater to both new and returning students, we developed conversion-driven search campaigns to capture new enrollments and awareness campaigns to promote Summit’s Virtual Academy and Early College programs.


Acknowledging the importance of instilling a sense of urgency, we consistently revitalized our ad copy and creative assets throughout enrollment periods. This approach not only spurred immediate action but also safeguarded against ad fatigue, ensuring a sustained and impactful messaging strategy. Our creative executions and ad copy underscored Summit’s compelling attributes, prominently featuring a remarkable 98% graduation rate, parent choice, and flexible learning options. 

In collaboration with our SEO team, we meticulously tailored ad copy to complement the informative blog content. The blog content was designed to educate parents while accentuating the myriad of benefits of virtual learning. This integrated strategy aimed to provide a cohesive and compelling narrative across various touchpoints, reinforcing Summit Learning Charter’s value proposition and engaging our target audience effectively.

SEO by the numbers

The impact of SEO efforts has been substantial for Summit Learning Charter, focusing on blogs tailored to support and inform parents, which contributed to the significant +474% increase in applications. Summit has started ranking for important search terms such as “pros and cons of online high school” and “alternatives to traditional high school.” These results underscore the effectiveness of our strategy in not only enhancing organic traffic and visibility but on providing valuable content that resonates with the target audience and drives enrollments and engagement.

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Increase in Website Traffic


Organic Conversions


Increase in Phone Calls


Increase in Applications

Paid Media by the numbers

By maintaining a consistent online presence and implementing year-round paid media efforts, we not only preserved Summit’s visibility but also capitalized on leads during off-peak periods, surpassing previous enrollment KPIs. Our integrated approach seamlessly combined conversion-focused search campaigns, impactful display ads, and informative blog content, crafting a unified and persuasive storyline that resonated with their target audience, and guided parents through the enrollment journey with confidence!










The End Result

The revamped account and sustained paid media initiatives resulted in an impressive 698% YoY increase in conversions and a significant 65% decrease in cost per acquisition, allowing Summit to reach its enrollment goals within budget. Simultaneously, our collaboration with the SEO team ensured a cohesive narrative, with informative blog content complementing targeted ad copy and educating users on Summit’s various programs.

Our Thoughts

Intuitive Team Member Autumn Buck

“As the architect behind the reconstruction of their PPC strategy, this case study encapsulates the transformation that redefined their online presence and showcased the power of collaboration and adaptability.

Summit’s openness to change and their willingness to heed advice made for a successful partnership. I am immensely grateful for Summit’s trust and receptivity to the strategic recalibrations suggested. It’s a testament to their commitment to staying ahead in their industry and adapting to changes proactively.”

— Autumn

Intuitive Team Member Haley Patton

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working on this account! Their deep engagement with our digital marketing initiatives has been instrumental in achieving remarkable success.

Over the past year, our SEO and Paid Media efforts delivered exceptional results, surpassing our annual student application target. With the foundation we’ve established, the future will hold even better results – I can’t wait to see what we accomplish next!”

— Haley

Intuitive Team Member Jess Chang

— Jess

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