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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an important part of being found online. It’s what makes your website appear in Google and other search engines. Without it, it is harder to find you online unless they are looking for you by name. To appeal to potential students your site needs to be coming up in the first page of Google search results. If not, you’re missing out on thousands of potential prospects.

In today’s world, marketing for higher education is not just print or digital – it’s a combination of both. When it comes to traditional marketing, colleges and universities have it down. But when it comes to the digital side of marketing, things can get confusing, especially when you don’t know where to start. Intuitive Digital can lend a hand.

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SEO Strategies For Your Institution

With your prospective students and alumni utilizing the internet daily, you need to ensure your website is found online by those who are already familiar with you and those who aren’t. To do that, you need to implement an SEO strategy, which is a combination of many different factors:

Technical SEO

From site speed to whether or not your images have alt-text, every aspect of your website is vital to successful SEO. We look at everything: site architecture, meta descriptions, page titles, anchor text, image alt-text, schema markup and more. We can perform one time audits and create a comprehensive to-do list for your internal team to start tackling, or we can get these items up to snuff by doing on-going work with you.


Research is key to strong search engine optimization. It includes competitor analysis – what are other colleges and universities doing to attract potential students or staff; keyword research – what words and phrases students use when looking online at potential colleges to apply to; user intent – why are people looking at your website and what are they hoping to find; and ultimately understanding who your preferred applicant is.

Content Analysis

Content is important for SEO but is your content fulfilling the needs of your visitors? In today’s market, your content needs to exude authority and create interest. It needs to inform, persuade, connect and ultimately gain devotees and build a foundation of lifelong fans.

We use website analytics and content analysis to shape our strategies by digging through the data to provide you with an understanding of your site and its visitors. This enables you test and refine your messaging for different audiences with different goals on various platforms like your website, social media, and PPC marketing.

Data And Analytics

The key to making informed marketing decisions for any medium is accurate data collection and comprehensive analysis. Utilizing Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other data aggregators can provide an incredible digital footprint of your site’s visitors.

Measuring Your Marketing Results

We know you have quotas to fill and deadlines to meet. When it comes to digital marketing and SEO, you want to know your investment is moving the needle and see a positive return. Digital marketing provides that, especially SEO.

Don’t hesitate on doing SEO for higher education institutions because of an unknown return on investment, with you choosing the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and Intuitive Digital’s help deciphering the data, you’ll know and understand just how successful your SEO strategy is.

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They provide website SEO by making sure each page is optimized for target keywords and our listings and citations across the web are uniform and complete.

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