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Meet the Partner

Whether you need it near sweltering for your tropical plant collection, or cool because you can’t ever seem to stop sweating, or anywhere in between, Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to bringing your idea of comfort to your residential or commercial space.


All signs pointed to a new website. Jacobs Heating & Air Conditioning had an aging website with outdated design, poor imagery and faulty functionality. Customers struggled to navigate the site and often could not find the information they needed. Website content was struggling to rank, and was not resonating with their local audience. Paid ad conversions had fallen flat, and the ads account required a restructure. As one of the highest regarded HVAC companies in Portland – and the oldest – Jacobs needed a website and digital marketing strategy that was on par with their brand’s level of excellence. Intuitive Digital partnered with Revere, a local design and branding agency, to design a new website that met this criteria.

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How We Did It!


As Jacobs looked to scale their HVAC services through both organic and paid means, we knew a new website built with a strong SEO foundation, a modern UX design, and primed for paid ads was necessary. The SEO Team rewrote service pages to align with the brand’s voice and tone. The web team curated new custom illustrations combined with diverse and inclusive imagery to speak to their local Portland audience. To build a high-converting website, Intuitive Digital selected a custom WordPress theme and unique scheduling form to ensure the new site was fast and built for conversions right out of the box.


Our team worked closely with our design partners at Revere to craft the ideal look and feel for the site, while our SEO team led the sitemap and content planning. Our developers got to work on a custom theme, building content blocks capable of housing the increase in new content, and always keeping accessibility and speed top of mind. Our content strategist and copywriters developed 30 new pages of content, fully search engine optimized and ready to rank for Jacobs’ many service offerings.


With a shiny new website built for organic and paid conversions, Jacobs was poised for exponential growth. Enter → the Paid Media team with a fully-fledged Google Ads strategy ready for lead generation. Our paid media strategists tested and optimized high-converting landing pages, while our SEO strategists pivoted to blog development to grow traffic. This resulted in immediate increases in conversions and conversion rates, with sustained year-over-year growth.

SEO by the numbers

Fast forward and Jacobs has seen year-over-year growth consistently since the site launch. Phone calls, service requests, and overall lead volume have more than doubled year after year. SEO and Paid Media have been working in tandem to increase leads and grow brand awareness higher up the funnel. In the 2 years since the new site launched, compared to the 2 years prior, Jacobs has seen:


Increase in website traffic


Average conversion rate


Increase in phone calls


Increase in service requests

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Organic visibility & keyword growth

Blogging grew keyword rankings and organic visibility exponentially. Content covered a range of topics related to the HVAC industry including air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, air filtration, thermostats, water heaters, and more. Jacobs has significantly expanded its footprint in both the local and national markets and established itself as a thought leader within the HVAC industry.


More blog visitors


Increase in blog conversions


Featured snippets


New top 10 keywords

Paid Media By the Numbers

The Jacobs account was rebuilt, with better segmentation of services by campaign and marketing funnel. The paid team researched and identified keywords that had high user intent and aligned with each stage of the customer journey. Ad variance was introduced to be specific to each keyword (service) and A/B tested. The paid media team created new landing pages to improve conversion rate optimization. The account was given new life that allowed it to scale and dominate the local auction across all services.

Jacob Conversions 2022-2022 Bar


Form Submissions


Phone Calls


Cost per Conversion


Conversion Rate

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The End Result

This is where we put SEO & Paid stuff together.

Since the partnership with Intuitive Digital began, Jacobs marketing efforts have boosted brand awareness and lead generation exponentially. SEO rankings have improved dramatically with 800 keywords in the top 3 spots on Google. And, paid media conversion rate has increased by 190%.

Jacobs Heating now has a streamlined, mobile-friendly and strategically designed website that serves their customers’ needs and showcases their brand’s excellence.

The vision of a modern, light design with illustrations and diverse imagery came to life in a website that showcased Jacobs’ knowledge and expertise. With added personal touches, like the “Our Team” page highlighting the whole team, the new website blended the long local history of Jacobs with a proud introduction to the faces behind Jacobs’ success.

An Award Winning Campaign

Intuitive Digital won a 2023 US Search Award as a result of our work with Jacobs Heating.

Highlights include a 170.72% increase in organic traffic and a 205.61% increase in blog-specific traffic!

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Our Thoughts

Intuitive Team Member Lauren Freeman

“Dare I say, Jacobs has been one of my favorite accounts to grow. Since the beginning of our partnership in 2020, we’ve faced challenge after challenge together: from the pandemic affecting their ability to work in people’s homes, to supply chain issues that constantly changed what products were available, to labor shortages requiring us to pivot what services can be completed in what timeline. Each time, Jacobs chose to lean on us as a strategic business partner, beyond “just their marketing agency”. And each time, our collaboration, discussions, solutions, and results have led to a closer and more open partnership.”

— Lauren

Intuitive Team Member Piper Denney

“This site was a dream to build! The Jacobs team was engaged and collaborative, but trusted our expertise to design and build them a beautiful and functional new site on a tight deadline. Some highlights for me were creating custom blocks and tailoring the Service Request forms to Jacobs specific needs. I love the illustrations on this site, and the diversity in the image selections. I was touched that Jacobs wanted a page dedicated to featuring each and every one of their 100+ team members on the site, you definitely don’t see that everyday!”

— Piper

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Jacobs over the last three years on their SEO and content strategy. They’ve been a collaborative partner and willing to share their expertise every step of the way. We’ve been able to create some really amazing pieces of content for them and even gotten to experiment with some out-of-the-box ideas. I so appreciate the trust they’ve put in us and am thrilled to see them see results from their content investment.”

— Max

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