Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association (ORLA)

Meet the Partner

The Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association (ORLA) is a leading not-for-profit trade association representing Oregon’s vibrant culinary and accommodation scenes. With a large dedicated membership, they passionately represent the diverse needs of 10,000+ food service locations and 2,400 lodging establishments. Recognized as a trailblazer in online training, they have become a reliable source for industry education and certification products. More than just an association, ORLA is a dynamic force shaping the future of Oregon’s hospitality landscape. 


ORLA’s objective was straightforward: boost sales for the Food Handlers Card and Alcohol Server Training. However, the challenge emerged from the escalating competition within the paid media auction, leading to heightened ad costs. In response to this obstacle, we strategically fine-tuned our Google Ads approach. This adjustment aimed not only to counteract the rising ad costs but also to secure consistent conversions, ensuring impactful results. A deliberate shift in strategy not only enabled us to navigate the challenges that the intensified competitive environment presented, but also set us up for success. 

How We Did It


In response to a competitive auction, our strategy aimed at maintaining a strong presence while constantly improving, optimizing, and expanding our past successful efforts. The focus was on staying ahead without breaking the bank. To stay ahead of competitors, we engaged in a comprehensive audit of our strategies, ensuring that every adjustment contributed directly to the overarching goal of amplifying sales for these essential training programs. The strategy was shaped by a deep understanding of the competitive landscape, ensuring that every move made contributed to the overarching goal of boosting sales for the Food Handlers Card and Alcohol Server Training.


To ensure our efforts remained fresh and relevant, we created new assets across all campaigns. Conducting a thorough location targeting audit, we meticulously reviewed location performance and removed underperformers. This helped us refine our approach for precise audience targeting, ultimately optimizing ad performance and budget allocation. Simultaneously, we conducted a comprehensive account-wide keyword audit, eliminating underperforming keywords and incorporating new ones based on thorough research. Anticipating the significant role Performance Max would play in 2023, we proactively refreshed all PMax assets, laying the foundation for a dynamic and effective execution.


In the acceleration phase, our focus shifted to routine optimizations like negating search terms and adjusting the budget for higher-performing campaigns to ensure maximum effectiveness. We revamped the Food Handler and Alcohol Server Display campaigns with new copy and creative. Leveraging impactful video assets through these campaigns enhanced engagement and drove conversions. You can watch our highest-performing Performance Max video here! Consistent refresh of audience signals and creative assets for our campaigns were able to maintain a lasting impact all year long.

Paid Media By the numbers

The measurable outcomes for 2023 were extraordinary. Conversions across all campaigns experienced an amazing 112.8% increase year-over-year, reaching an impressive total of 16,721. The cost per conversion saw a significant 27.2% decrease from 2022, now standing at an efficient $3.11, meaning the ad budget was able to stretch even further. Additionally, the click-through rate (CTR) surged to 23.7%, reflecting a notable 30.6% increase from the previous year. These numbers showcase the tangible impact of our strategic approach and the effectiveness of our efforts in driving actual results.

And on ORLA’s end – sales continually grew year over year, in tandem with our paid media conversions. Specifically, there was a 57% increase in total sales year over year, with a majority of the increase coming from the Food Handlers card, which experienced almost a 70% increase in total sales!


Increase in Conversions YoY


Decrease in Cost per Conversion


Increase in Total Sales YoY

The End Result

With the help of our strategic Paid Media efforts, ORLA was able to improve its online visibility and, most importantly, increase sales. A comprehensive approach, including the integration of Performance Max video assets, contributed to remarkable outcomes in 2023. In terms of engagement and conversions, Performance Max has established itself as a powerhouse. You can hear it from the partners themselves:

“Intuitive Digital has been our Google AdWords consultant for a few years. The leadership and staff (Haley and Autumn special shout out) have consistently treated our smaller business as if it was a large client. They have increased our sales year over year and recently have nearly double some of our online sales. I highly recommend them.”

John Hamilton, COO 

Our Thoughts

Intuitive Team Member Haley Patton

“Handling this account has been a delight. It’s not every day we receive tangible sales updates confirming the success of our efforts, but ORLA consistently delivers. This partner was not just communicative but also highly responsive and genuinely invested in our strategies. Their active involvement allowed us to implement crucial changes, such as a budget increase and numerous creative refreshes, making our collaboration incredibly dynamic and impactful!”

— Haley

Intuitive team member Kristy Lau

“I had the pleasure of working on ORLA’s Google Ads account, focusing on online training for serving alcohol and food handling. Through strategic adjustments and targeted campaigns, we significantly improved the visibility and reach of their training programs. ORLA’s commitment to providing top-notch training was effectively communicated to a broader audience, and the enhanced performance contributed to the overall success of its online education initiatives. It was a rewarding collaboration, and I’m proud to have played a part in optimizing their digital presence for greater impact.”

— Kristy

Intuitive Team Member Autumn Buck

“Working with such a communicative partner who embraced and implemented all the recommendations made the process incredibly rewarding. Through our strategic approach, including regular updates to display ads, remarketing tactics, and audience research, we not only met but far exceeded performance goals.”

— Autumn

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