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Rose City Futsal, a beacon of the Portland sports community, represents the heart and spirit of futsal in the Pacific Northwest. Founded with a vision to cultivate a vibrant futsal culture, it serves as a hub for players of all ages and skill levels. At its state-of-the-art facilities in Portland and Tigard, Oregon, Rose City Futsal offers more than just top-notch futsal courts; it’s a place where community and passion for the sport converge.

The Opportunity

Rose City Futsal’s location in Tigard, Oregon was struggling to grow participation in its programs, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The West location also faced heavy competition, particularly during the summer months when they also competed more with outdoor soccer leagues.

How We Did It


First step was research to get a strong understanding of the unique dynamics of the futsal community in Portland and devise a multifaceted strategy for Rose City Futsal. Two key audience personas were identified, each with distinct characteristics and motivations: Urban Futsal Players and Suburban Futsal Players. Each group had their own specific demographics, interests, motivations, and values we tailored our paid media campaigns to.

By targeting these personas through carefully selected channels and tailored messaging, Intuitive Digital set the stage for a comprehensive and effective campaign, aiming to strengthen Rose City Futsal’s presence in the Portland area.

The campaign harnessed the power of digital advertising, utilizing a mix of YouTube Ads, Google Ads, and Instagram Ads, with a later expansion into Facebook Ads. This diverse media mix was chosen to maximize reach and engagement across different demographics, interests, and stages of the customer journey.


Intuitive Digital adopted a dynamic and adaptive approach for Rose City Futsal’s campaigns, focusing on the seasonality and varying interests of the target audiences.

Rather than running a continuous, uniform campaign, Intuitive Digital launched with an individual Flight: a distinct, time-bound campaign tailored to the specific time of year and the corresponding audience interests. This choice allowed for a more focused and impactful engagement with potential players, aligning marketing efforts with their distinct needs and motivations during each season.

In the initial winter flight, Intuitive Digital utilized YouTube Ads, Google Ads, and Instagram Ads, each channel playing a role in the buyers’ journey. This strategic segmentation allowed for optimal use of the advertising budget, maximizing impact and engagement with both the Urban and Suburban futsal player personas.


As Rose City Futsal’s season continued, Intuitive Digital focused on refining and accelerating its marketing efforts, building upon the insights and successes of the initial flight, such as with an expansion of the Media Mix to include Facebook Ads.

Each flight provided valuable data and insights, which Intuitive Digital analyzed to identify the most effective elements. This ongoing evaluation allowed for continuous optimization of the campaigns, ensuring that each successive flight was more efficient and impactful than the last.

Insights into audience engagement and conversion rates enabled more precise optimizations. The initial focus on Urban and Suburban futsal players was fine-tuned based on their responsiveness to the ads, ensuring that future flights were further aligned with audience preferences and behaviors.

With each flight, from Spring to Fall, budget allocation was refined to maximize reach and engagement while minimizing wasted spend.

By the Numbers

In the winter of 2022, Intuitive Digital set a goal to drive 58 conversions at a cost per acquisition (CPA) of $62 for the first winter flight. The campaigns outperformed initial projections resulting in 102 conversions at a $35 CPA.

The following winter in 2023, Intuitive Digital again outperformed projections by generating 195 conversions at a $15 CPA and with 19% less spend compared to the 2022 winter flight. The total return on ad spend for this campaign is 36:1, or roughly $105K in revenue with only a $2.9K investment


Decrease in Cost per Acquisition


Increase in Conversions


Less Budget Spent

The End Result

Emerging from a successful series of flights, Rose City Futsal arrived at a significant milestone in its digital marketing journey. The executed strategies not only met but greatly exceeded set objectives, showcasing what can be achieved with data-driven thinking, thoughtful audience research, and meticulous optimizations.

These achievements represent more than just impressive metrics; they signify a deepened connection between Rose City Futsal and the Portland Metropolitan community. The tailored approach resonated with both urban and suburban futsal players, reinforcing Rose City Futsal’s position not only as a sports facility but as a cornerstone of community engagement and a promoter of a healthy, inclusive lifestyle.

With the insights gained from these successful flights, Intuitive Digital is poised to explore new strategies and channels to further expand Rose City Futsal’s reach and solidify its presence as a leading futsal destination.

Our Thoughts

Intuitive Team Member Yitzchak Young

“Working with the Rose City Futsal team has been a fantastic journey! Their passion for the sport and genuine curiosity about our digital marketing strategies brought a dynamic edge to our collaboration. The results from the campaigns have been nothing short of spectacular, and I’m excited to see them continue improving as we uncover new ways to push their brand forward.”

— Yitzchak

Intuitive Team Member Devon Brown

“Working on Rose City Futsal has been so much fun! I had played in leagues at their facility prior to them becoming a partner, and was impressed by the facility and organization. When they came to us as a partner, I was very excited to grow a local business I love. We’ve been experimental about strategies, execution and creative, which has resulted in incredible results. We’re excited to continue to push performance and uncover how deep their success can go.”

— Devon

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