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Meet The Partner

Travel For Teens creates enriching experiences for teens that teach them to be savvy travelers. Every program is designed to be hands on, so teens discover what it means to live like a local in every country they visit.


The Challenge

Intuitive Digital had been providing SEO and Paid Media services for a few years, although that had to go on hold when the pandemic hit in the spring of 2020, making that year’s entire season a bust. It was essential for the health of the business to fully rebound in 2021. That was additionally challenging with the ever-changing travel restrictions due to Covid-19, with countries opening then closing and opening their borders, thus changing which trips TFT could offer.

What We Did

We created a full-funnel campaign strategy targeting users to fill the top of the funnel through our Display prospecting campaign, and then closing the loop with search and display remarketing campaigns to ensure previous visitors complete their bookings.

In addition, we also segmented our Display remarketing ads to target 2018-2020 alumni and online sign-ups that didn’t end up converting in 2020 due to COVID-19 with a unique messaging for each group. We also went with different ad copy with this specific audience to ensure we were hitting all the uncertainty around traveling during a pandemic (risk-free payments, smaller groups, safe destinations etc).

To capture leads that were more intentional about their destination, we created a search campaign with keywords specific to the destinations Travel For Teens was offering.

We kept track of program levels and made updates as spots were filling up and made sure to pause keywords for destinations that were all booked up, avoiding unnecessary ad spend and some possible frustration from visitors.

As we were getting closer to the application’s deadline, we added callout and sitelink extensions that created a sense of urgency. The sitelink extension linked to a page that listed out all of TFT’s programs. The partner was updating these in real-time, which made it incredibly helpful for visitors to see what was available and what wasn’t. We also created “Countdown ads” with updated ad copy that reflected this urgency, with headlines “Admissions Closing Soon” or “Spots Are Limited”.


The strategy and implementation all paid off, with Travel For Teens selling all of their available trip spots except for seven out of a thousand trip spots by July 30th 2021. Travel For Teens said the 2021 season was a massive success and they sold out more trips than they could have hoped for. We managed to sell so many spots they started adding more trip openings. It was an extremely successful rebound, and we’ve placed ourselves in an even stronger position in the market for the 2022 season.

Tree Graph


Paid conversions: 218% over goal


Account conversion rate: 15% over goal


Conversion rate: Education Travel Campaign


Cost per acquisition: 52% less than goal

We partnered with Intuitive Digital four seasons ago. During that time the level of excellence is only surpassed by the customer care. The account managers have been excellent communicators and the specialists bring fresh ideas that really move the needle. We are very happy with Intuitive Digital and have no plans to ever leave. Highly recommended.

Ned Clark
Owner, Travel For Teens

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