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The University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication offers various master’s degree programs at both the Eugene and Portland campuses. In today’s “fake news” era, the SOJC is doing incredibly important work, emphasizing the need for ethical journalism.

What We Did

Portland-based programs were striving to meet their enrollment caps with ideal candidates for their two Master’s degrees. They had a limited budget and needed to reach a very specific audience, with the goal of generating qualified leads to fill their classes. They had experimented with PPC marketing internally but were not seeing this investment turn into program applications. We worked with them to develop clear personas with specific audience and location targeting to ensure our ads were connecting with their ideal applicants and then used retargeting to encourage users to complete an application.

Eugene Program similarly needed to bring in more qualified applications for their Eugene-based Journalism masters program. They were also launching a brand new masters program – the first of its kind – and needed to build awareness, and fill its first cohort with optimal students. We developed separate campaigns and strategies for each program, looking to bring in the best possible applicants from across the country.

By creating a steady applicant funnel, administrative and marketing staff for the SOJC had time to tackle other projects and eliminated Google Ads headaches.

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Portland: They have successfully been filling both programs student caps for all enrollment periods for the last two years running. Students who don’t get in on their first attempt become qualified leads to foster the following year.

Eugene: Has also successfully met their enrollment caps, including the brand new master’s program being offered with highly qualified students.

An organization that struggled to track the effectiveness of its recruiting efforts now has an easily trackable digital marketing strategy that can provide data and results to share with their leadership team.

2 million

YTD ad impressions


Increased paid search traffic


YTD increase in Portland ad clicks


Increased assisted conversions for all programs

Since starting out with Intuitive Digital we’ve added additional programs and budget which has lead to increased conversions and overall program awareness… I especially like how they continue to revamp their reporting efforts for us. This has allowed us to report back to leadership regularly.

Michelle Hyland, SOJC Digital Marketing Manager
University of Oregon SOJC

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