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Based in Portland, Oregon, University of Western States (UWS) is an accredited nonprofit institution known for its health sciences graduate programs. Specializing in chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, functional medicine, nutrition, sports medicine, performance psychology, and clinical mental health counseling, UWS leads with an evidence-informed approach to holistic care. Their blend of research, academic excellence, and practitioner-patient teamwork shapes the future of healthcare. UWS offers both on-campus and online doctoral and master’s programs, providing diverse learning opportunities for aspiring professionals.


UWS approached Intuitive Digital in 2016 looking to overhaul their existing accounts and elevate their campaign performance while seeking regular performance updates. They wanted to better showcase their exceptional healthcare programs, ultimately attracting a more fitting pool of applicants. Our mission was to craft engaging campaigns that would resonate deeply with prospective students, compelling them to explore and fill out an enrollment application! 

How We Did It


We developed our strategy by conducting in-depth audience research and data analysis. Our approach involved creating campaigns tailored to each program offered by the University of Western States, ensuring that they resonated with the target audience. 

Our audience research insights, provided by GWI, helped us gain a clear understanding of the UWS target audience, including their demographics, interests, and priorities. The data showed us that we needed to create campaigns that prioritize inclusivity, feature diverse representations, and emphasize socially responsible content, particularly through engaging video formats. 


With a robust data-driven approach in our back pocket, we were ready to solve the identified business opportunity. We developed and launched campaigns across Google Search, Display, Facebook, and Instagram, highlighting the diversity of UWS’s programs. We created unique messaging and visuals for each program, ensuring maximum engagement with potential students. Additionally, we focused on developing focused landing pages that streamlined the user experience, resulting in significantly improved conversion rates.


To maintain and improve the success of our campaign, we continuously optimized our strategies to avoid redundancy. We regularly tested keywords and themes, evaluated competitor strategies, and improved campaign performance through advanced conversion tracking. Our creative assets were A/B tested to ensure sustained conversion growth, which allowed us to get more qualified applications. Regular improvements to ad copy, audience analysis, and landing page optimization helped increase engagement and, ultimately, enrollment numbers at University of Western States.

Paid Media By the numbers

Our strategic focus on paid search campaigns yielded remarkable outcomes. Across key programs, we surpassed conversion goals by significant margins. 

The CMHC program witnessed a remarkable surge of 215.3% in conversions, exceeding the set 25% year-over-year goal. Similarly, the DC program achieved an impressive 112.7% increase in conversions, reflecting substantial growth in enrollment interest. Additionally, the HNFM program experienced an 80.7% rise in conversions, surpassing the annual target. The NMD program took the spotlight with an astounding 1,389.3% increase in conversions, far surpassing the ambitious 100% year-over-year goal. Overall, our strategic approach resulted in an outstanding 519.5% increase in conversions across all primary programs, signaling remarkable growth and heightened enrollment interest.


Programs Exceeded Conversion Goals


Increase in Conversions YoY


Decrease in Cost per Conversion

Paid Social By the Numbers…

The UWS paid social campaigns produced outstanding results, marked by a significant surge in applications across all programs. Our strategic initiatives led to an exceptional 1327.7% increase in applications, showcasing the effectiveness of our tailored approach. Notably, the lead generation strategies contributed to a substantial rise in overall leads, culminating in a total of 679 leads. This heightened lead volume translated into a remarkable total of 732 applications, significantly exceeding our anticipated counts. These results underscore the success of our targeted strategies, driving substantial growth and attracting a high volume of quality applicants for UWS.


Increase in Program Applications


Applications from Paid Social


Increases in Conversion Rate

The End Result

Over 8 years of partnering with the University of Western States, we were able to facilitate a substantial digital transformation. Our strategic approach and optimized paid media campaigns significantly elevated program visibility and engagement, leading to a steady increase in applications. These efforts targeted the partner’s initial concerns, consistently boosting conversion rates year after year.

Our Thoughts

Intuitive Team Member Autumn Buck

It has been a pleasure to contribute to the growth and success of the University of Western States. One of the key highlights of our collaboration was the development of stunning new landing pages using Unbounce. Crafting these pages was not just about aesthetics; it was a strategic endeavor to enhance user experience and drive meaningful engagement. The synergy between our analytical insights and the creative design process resulted in landing pages that captured attention and converted visitors into valuable leads.

The partnership with UWS goes beyond the typical client-agency dynamic. It’s a true collaboration where UWS leaned on us as strategic partners, and we, in turn, embraced the responsibility with dedication.”

— Autumn

Intuitive Team Member Lauren Freeman

“The incredible results achieved during our engagement with UWS are a testament to one of our core values, building long-term relationships. Digital marketing relationships require close collaboration, great communication, transparency around goals and results, and openness to experimentation and trying new things. Partnering with UWS for several years has been all this and more! Informed by audience data, user experience data, and years of our historical platform data, we got to create a completely custom strategy for each program that the university offered – including supporting the launch of two completely new programs that had never been offered before. What led to such exponential growth during our relationship was asking questions beyond “How many conversions can we get this year?”. It was about “How can we find the right prospective students who want to make a positive impact in the healthcare industry, through UWS?” The results speak for themselves.”

— Lauren

Intuitive Team Member Haley Patton

“Our collaboration with University of Western States resulted in effective strategies and outstanding results. This partnership showcased how optimizing paid media campaigns directly yields tangible outcomes. Regularly refining these campaigns consistently drove positive, tangible results, illustrating the direct correlation between strategic enhancements and successful outcomes.

Our main point of contact, Jennifer, was always very engaged with our efforts and great to work with. It’s not every day I get to work with someone so engaged with their account, and it obviously paid off!” 

— Haley

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