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Yep, been here for one year now, one whole year. Actually that’s a lie, I’ve been here for 3 months longer than that because I had an internship here as well. But since interns are not acknowledged as human beings I get to say I’ve been here a year.


Thank god video games are not based off the real world because nobody would make it past level one.

This has been a fun year though. Learned lots of new things about this industry that I would have never learned out of a book, but I didn’t stop learning things from my books either. You need to keep learning to stay on top of changes in this industry. For example I learned that most people do not read a post before sharing or liking it on a social site, then I put it to the test with some of my other blog posts. A lot of them have more shares and likes than actual views.

I learned a lot about working with WordPress. I thought I knew a lot before I started here, but that was nothing compared to what I can do now. Looking back at my older websites there are all kinds of ways I have improved. I’m constantly using child themes, and making a bunch of changes in the backend of themes to make them fit a person’s needs. This is improving my PHP, HTML, CSS and WordPress skills every day.

My skills involving DNS have also improved greatly. Moving sites and their domains around seems to be a common task. Having people switch from a site such as Wix to a better hosting provider is something I’ve had to do on more than one occasion.

The most important thing I am learning though is how to communicate with people about their website. Being able to tell them what makes a website more user friendly, and showing them numbers to back up my claims. Being able to show someone before and after numbers on Google Analytics helps with explaining things so much.

It wasn’t all work this year however. There were also plenty of games around the office.


toilet paper prank

desk with easter eggs

Hope the next year is as good as this one. I’m already dreaming up pranks to pull at the office.

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