23 Reasons SEOs Lose Their Minds (Part 2)

Search Engine Optimization

13. Realizing your client gave you a fake address (RIP Donkey)

No, the UPS store down the street does not count as your business address. No, PO Boxes don’t work either. Know of any other Google Maps fails?

14. Client: “No, you can’t have access to my site, Google account, or anything for that matter”

Peace out! One of the biggest struggles is not having access to a site. Sure, I understand businesses wanting control over their site, but not giving us access slows down the process, and is much more time consuming, which means more $$$

15. Realizing a Website is 100% Duplicate Content

“Oh, I can’t cut and paste from Wikipedia for my website?”
“No… Plagiarism is still a thing on the internet.”

16. Dealing with absurdly unreasonable expectations

I.E. Number 12. One of the biggest struggles of SEO is managing expectations. If expectations weren’t set initially, there can be some serious problems down the line.

17. Wishing the internet was a physical thing, and you could inflict actual pain

Pretty sure everyone in this world has experienced this feeling. If you could invent some physical form of the internet that we could attack, that’d be great.

18. Spent 95 hours cleaning up links. Reconsideration request DENIED

Originally meant as an April Fools joke, Google’s reconsideration request process is a complete nightmare. No matter how hard you try to clean up links the first time around, they will always come back with something they think you missed.

19. Google de-indexed your Private Blog Network

September 2014 brought the “Thin Content” penalty, which took down hundreds of private blog networks. BlackHat SEOs everywhere were devastated. 

20. When your on-site SEO changes get reverted


21. Wrapping up a nightmare project

Yep. Exactly…

22. Google hiding keyword analytic data: “Not Provided”


Google says that it started hiding keywords from analytics to protect user data. Not entirely sure how that makes sense, but okay.

23. When you call customer support, and this actually works

So embarrassing. If I had a nickel for every time this has happened to me, I’d be a very rich man!

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