3 Reasons to Advertise with Bing Ads

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We hear about it all the time, whether through television commercials, word of mouth or aggressive online campaigns. Bing is that seemingly great search engines that we just cannot bring ourselves to switch to – even if our (limited) experience is generally positive. Just because we are stubborn and stuck in our Googling ways doesn’t mean everyone is. And if you are an advertiser, you may be missing a substantial amount of users. Here are 3 reasons why you should be advertising on Bing Ads.

Lower Competition


36% less PPC advertisers use the Bing Ads platform*. Less competition means it’s easier to get on the first page of search results. With Google AdWords, you need to target long tail keywords because targeting broad keywords can prove very expensive. On the Bing Ads platform, broader keywords are much cheaper allowing you to cast a wider net for new clients.

It’s Cheaper

If you have run a Bing Ads account in the past of currently, you know first hand how much lower the cost per click (CPC) generally is. Of course this may not be true in certain industries but it seems to hold true most of the time.  Average CPCs in some major industries showed cost per click can be anywhere from 10% – 24% lower* than Google AdWords. Consequently as you accrue clicks the overall cost gap between AdWords & Bing Ads gets wider.  You may not generate as much revenue from Bing Ads but since cost is usually low so is your cost per acquisition (CPA).

You’re missing a lot of potential customers

The Yahoo and Bing Ad Networks account for 28 – 31% of search share; meaning that 1/3rd of all internet users are conducting their internet searches on either Yahoo or Bing. With Microsoft’s marketing push (such as the Bing it On challenge), that number is suspected to rise. You have to ask yourself, am I okay with missing these people? These people who are probably just as ready to make a purchase or sign up as Google users.

I’ll be honest; I haven’t always been an advocate of Bing Ads. It seems that most PPC pros agree that its user interface isn’t as friendly as Google’s platform. But it is definitely making some huge strides – with frequent updates that make it a little better every time. So give it a try, it could definitely help drive some relevant traffic to your site; you’ll never know if you don’t try.

*Statistics taken from an AdGooroo Special Report based on Q3 of 2012 statistics of 39,000 PPC Advertisers across 6 major verticals.

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