4 Things to Keep in Mind While Making Custom Emails

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email-iconSo you want to create an amazing custom email? Here are 4 things you should keep in mind when putting one together:

1.) Keep it simple
People do not stare at an email for too long, and a complex one with too many images may take a while to load on a mobile device. Nobody wants to wait on a salesman at the store, why would they want to wait to see your email trying to sell them your services? Not keeping things simple also leads to much more complex code. Complex code leads to trouble, especially when you wish for that code to work correctly on various devices.

2.) Use text
Use text instead of only images. Yes it could be used as a shortcut to make your amazing design have less complex code, but many email clients do not automatically load images. Text on the other hand is always there, and will load almost instantly. Create an email that will give the user the information you want them to see almost immediately.

3.) Make sure you are familiar with your tools
There are now plenty of marketing tools to help send out newsletters. Places such as Optify, Act On, and Mail Chimp. Make sure you are using them correctly. Sometimes your tool has a few more steps that are needed to make everything work properly.

4.) Test It
Don’t just test it in the email client you personally use, but be prepared to test it in everything. When I say everything, I mean everything. Not just latest version of Outlook, but go back a few years to 2010. Don’t just test Gmail in one browser, but make sure the email displays properly in all of them, including Internet Explorer. Once you start dealing with this stage you will realize why keeping the email simple is the best idea. You can only deal with so many tables inside of tables before you lose your mind.

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