Creating Ad Copy for Your Audience

As a PPC Apprentice, ad copy did not send me running for the doors, because I had somebody holding my hand and guiding me. This ensured I did not run out into an intersection and get taken out by a car. Here are some tips for beginners, or maybe a refresher for somebody feeling stuck.

1. Keywords!

Utilize them in the Headline, Description, and Display URL. Visually, this will cause more bolding action on your ad, which will help draw eyes to your ad. This will also help improve your quality score, because quality score is tied to keywords.

Keyword #1

2. Do your research.

Ask yourself, “What are my competitors using? Is it working?”

3. Talk to your audience.

This will make them feel like the company is a person instead of an inanimate object… Logical, right?

#3 talk to audience

4. Consider the audience’s feelings and read their minds!

Think about what they could be looking for. You don’t want to make them feel pressured or annoyed by what you are writing. They could just want to learn more about you.

5. Utilize punctuation?!

Just… not like that. However, it does draw the eye and can add urgency to your description.

Punctuation #5

6. Build a rapport with ad extensions.

Ad extensions, like sitelinks and callouts, are your friend when they are relevant. They help direct your visitor to highly-trafficked pages of your site, or one’s you would like to gain notoriety.

Ad Extensions #9

7. Know your destination (i.e., landing page).

Just like you don’t want to be duped by a present box filled with air, your audience doesn’t want to learn about something and not land on it. Therefore, make sure ad copy goes along with the landing page the ad is dropping people on.

8. Don’t lie!

You will lose credibility and your proverbial pants may kindle rapidly. If you state you are something, you’d better back it up thoroughly.

9. Fall in love with adjectives.

They are a friend you can trust while creating ad copies. Creating a good starter list of adjectives might be helpful because you can interchange them and test to see which one works best.


10. Pay attention to your display URL.

Google’s algorithm may cause it to be turned into an extended headline. This is a great opportunity to exploit!

Capitalization of Domain Name + Adding Keyword(s) at the End = Noticeable Relevance

Hopefully, these tips will help you with your endeavors. Comment below if you can think of any other great tips, ideas or a general remark.

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