Creating the Best Images For Your Business

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Whether it’s a website or your Facebook profile, you need quality images to help represent your company’s best work. Many people love to use stock images to do so, but spending the extra time to take photos yourself will often lead to better traffic.

Problem with stock photos – they aren’t you or your work

You want your images to thoroughly represent your business. While stock photos may look professional, they are a misrepresentation of you and your company.

  • Don’t represent your work
  • Can look staged
  • Customer might see the same image another place
Real or Stock Photo

Always take landscape photos

Think about the shape of your computer screen or even your television. It’s landscape. Your photos should fit this frame. This allows the picture to scale correctly with your website and not shrink on Facebook. This also allows your customer to see the full picture instead of missing some of the elements.

Portrait vs. Landscape

Not only does Facebook prefer landscape photos, but Google does as well. The knowledge graph Google shows for your business prefers landscape photos.

Tip: Using this type of photo and adding the location will help you change that photo.

High Resolution = Quality

Showcasing your work with low-resolution photos will cause doubt in the consumer’s mind. They may think that you are trying to hide any imperfections with a low-quality picture. Remedy this situation by either hiring a professional or simply using a camera.

Sometimes you only have your the camera on your phone and it is your only chance to take a picture. If you cannot schedule a time to take a picture of something or just need it right then, then be conscious of how you are using your camera phone.

  1. Hold it so your screen is sideways (landscape) so your photo will be the facing the right way.
  2. Check your quality sections. On any phone there is an option to take a high-resolution photo while it does not compare to an actual camera, it will work.
  3. Do your best to keep your phone steady so the pictures are not blurred. Propping it on something is the best way to keep it steady.

Good lighting

Make sure there is enough light in the room or outside to perfectly capture the product you are taking a picture of. A dark room or overcast sky will take away some of the excellence away from your product.

Hire a professional photographer

Your best choice would be a professional photographer. Their vast knowledge of all these elements and more ensures that your product is captured perfectly. Whether it is a landscape you just finished or a part of a printer, they know how to frame it correctly to entice your customer to buy.


Thinking of updating your website or posting photos on social media?

The quality of photos you take will affect the traffic you get. The best website set-up will be nothing without high-resolution photos will be useless. The same goes for social. You may post something meaningful in the text, but if your image falls short it will not matter.

This may seem challenging, but here at In2itive Search, we specialize in creating the best digital marketing practices when it comes to websites and showing off your special products on social media or Google. We can help you push your business to the next level.

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