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Meet Angela Otuokere: Senior At The University Of Texas At San Antonio

Majoring in Marketing, Angela is a first-generation college student. Originally a pre-med major, Angela courageously followed her heart and switched her major to something that she loved. She knew that marketing was a path to allow her to “reshape the way that we perceive media and have the ability to highlight marginalized voices and stories that aren’t heard.” This is a calling we at Intuitive Digital, and our scholarship partners Avenue Agency, Construct The Present and AshbeanPDX can all get behind.

After switching her major to Marketing, she joined her university’s American Marketing Association chapter, eventually becoming the first Nigerian-American President of the AMA. She worked to “arrange guest speaker events from influential marketing leaders, execute impactful professional development
workshops, and advocate for the awareness of increasing diversity within the marketing”.

What first sparked your interest in the marketing field?

“I have grown up in a musically influenced household that played many instruments and
filled rooms with a diverse range of genres. Because of this, I fully immersed myself into
the music world and was fascinated by the creativity of my favorite artists’ album
rollouts. I was extremely intrigued by the innovativeness of the promotional marketing
campaigns and how they could captivate thousands and millions of people to be drawn to
buying the album. I wanted to learn more about how people were able to have such
influential ideas and concepts to be able to promote a product, in such a fun and
engaging manner.

Since I was younger, I also noticed that in most commercials, magazines, and shows, I
didn’t really see that many people or characters who looked like me. Sometimes, it was
hard to see someone who had the same skin color or hair texture as me. From this, I
knew that there needed to be a change in the way we were marketing to the mass media.”

What role do you see marketing having in the lives of Americans?

“Marketing plays such a pivotal and key role within Americans. We consume millions of
pieces of marketing content every single day, so it truly is an important factor in
everyone’s lives. Marketing dictates the daily choices we make, like which stores to shop
from or what restaurant we’ll eat from next. Marketing shapes our culture, sometimes
even our beliefs, and can have a strong influence on our behaviors. I think that as we
expand through technology advancements, marketing will only continue to be a primary
moving force that shapes and molds our culture, perspectives, and decisions.”

How have you seen marketing positively or negatively affect the lives of those around you?

“On the negative side of marketing, the absence of diversity and inclusion allows for
multicultural audiences to not really be able to feel represented, valued, or embraced.
This issue has also contributed to part of my life growing up, but the positive aspect that
stems from it has sparked a new perspective in me of wanting to create change in
allowing every person to feel heard and seen in the media.”

What are you hoping to jump into after you graduate?

“After graduation, I hope to continue to work in creative roles in digital marketing that
encompass the sports and music industry! After my internship with the NFL this past
summer, I was so honored to receive such an amazing glimpse into what I would like my
career to look like working in the entertainment space. I am striving to continue to
be a positive representation of minorities in the field and spark inspiration in those who
also want to pursue marketing. Being an Emma Bowen Foundation Fellow, I would like to
give back to the organization that has helped me break into the media industry as a
student of color. Opening opportunities for others who are following my footsteps is a
vital step in leading by example and making a lasting impact. In the future, I would also like to pursue an MBA degree to deepen my knowledge in marketing and global business.”

Has the pandemic affected your life, educational or career goals?

“The pandemic had a tremendous impact on how I viewed my career goals. During this
time, I had a lot more time to seriously sit down and reflect on my goals and what I
actually wanted to do in my career as I was entering my first year in college. I was a
Kinesiology Pre-med major my first semester, but I knew deep down that I was only
studying it because it was expected of me. The pandemic truly taught me that I needed to
make the most out of life and truly pursue what I am passionate about since life can be
very unpredictable. This instilled a new mindset in me and I switched my major to
Marketing at the start of my sophomore year. This was one of the greatest decisions that
I made for my future as I knew instantly that this field of study was made for me and the
purpose I have for my community.”

What would you like to see marketing and design agencies do differently in the future?

“At the end of the day, any company or entity can state that they are supporting a cause or
initiative, but what truly matters is the intention and motive behind it. I would love to see
marketing and design agencies have the right intentions in pushing for diversity in their
workplaces because they genuinely want to see and make change.”

What would you say to other students looking to move into studying marketing?

“I would say to pursue marketing if it is something that you are truly passionate about.
Just like in any field, if you are doing something without passion, it won’t be fulfilling
your life’s purpose and calling. Have great intentions to change the field of marketing for
the betterment of your communities and our society! In marketing, the world is listening,
reading, and watching what we are producing at every moment, so it’s our responsibility
to nurture a positive environment. Lastly, get involved in marketing organizations on
campus that will expose you to professional development workshops and networking
events to strengthen yourself as a marketer. These organizations are an amazing way of
building community with like-minded individuals that share common goals as you.”

Anything else you’d like to say??

“Marketing is a super powerful tool, and when it’s in your hands, the choice is yours on
how you want to influence others. Choose wisely!”

Thank you Angela for all the work you’re bravely doing to pave a path for others and break down barriers in the marketing world. We look forward to following your career and seeing your growth in the coming years!

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